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    20 Years of Hellboy Finalists Revealed: David’s Picks

    By | April 9th, 2014
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    The moment you’ve been waiting for is here. We’re now ready to reveal the finalists to our “20 Years of Hellboy” art contest, as we received an incredible 545 (!!!!) entries in the month of March. Today, David has his picks, with Brian revealing his Thursday and the winner coming shortly thereafter. Before we get into David’s picks, you can find all of the pieces here. There is an amazing amount of awesome art in there. Please enjoy it all, and thanks to everyone for entering!

    As a reminder, these are not the winners. These are just finalists, with the winner being announced soon.

    Now, here are David’s choices, with Brian’s picks to follow tomorrow.

    Juan Calle
    Daryl Toh Liem Zhan
    Florin Fecioru Emanuel
    Fernando Cintra
    Patricio Delpeche
    Tim Christopher
    Cassie Anderson
    Alvaro Ramirez
    Andres Barrero
    Morgan Sawyer

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    David Harper

    David Harper mainly focuses on original content, interviews, co-hosting our 4 Color News and Brews video podcast, and being half of the Mignolaversity and Valiant (Re)visions team. He runs Multiversity's Twitter and Facebook pages, and personally tweets (rarely) @slicedfriedgold. By day, he works in an ad agency in Anchorage, Alaska, and he loves his wife, traveling and biscuits & gravy (ordered most to least, which is still a lot).


    • Kuronuma

      The link provided is not working for me 🙁

      • Which link? The Picasa one?

        • Kuronuma

          Yeah the “you can find all of the pieces here.” link 🙁 It says 500 INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR

          • Kuronuma

            Well it works in different browser. I wonder what is the problem though 🙁

            • That is very strange! I’m not sure. Picasa is a fickle beast.

    • N Lemon

      Wow, I don’t feel bad at all not getting picked – these are so full of awesome!

      • N Lemon

        Did anyone else’s entry in the link appear to have the color altered? Mine is somehow much, much brighter than my original.

        • Hey Nikki! You’re right, yours did strangely end up looking brighter. I deleted it and reuploaded it, so you now look right as rain! Thanks for the note!

          • N Lemon

            Hey, thanks for looking into it! I saw others having the same auto-brighten issue with Picasa, which really puts a damper on the kind of art you see in Hellboy. Hope it gets worked out. Good luck!

        • Yeah, mine is also a bit too bright and it looks kind of weird but it must be just the Picasa upload.

    • Hi Guys I have just emailed but thought I better comment as well. I could not see my Entry in the Gallery of all the Entrys I had a confirmation email. My name is Brendan Purchase. Sorry if you guys are still uploading thought I should check.


      • Fixed!

        • Cheers David you are a star.

          • Sorry about that! You were considered, I swear. We didn’t ignore you, it just didn’t make it onto the page. That said, tremendous piece, Brendan. 🙂

            • Thats fine such good picks. There is some amazing entrys. Thanks for sorting it very swiftly.

              Thanks really enjoyed working on this.

    • ??

    • Jamie Yost

      That Delpeche piece is AWESOME! Love the Alex Grey (I’m assuming)-inspired flaming eye halo.

    • Elvin Ching

      My entry looks wayy brighter and muddy, not sure if it’s an online problem or something to do with my file. Is it ok to reload it? Or should I tweak it and resend? Sorry for any inconvenience!

      it should look like this:

      • Elvin Ching

        Sorry for the trouble. Here’s what it should look like (or at least I hope it looks better than on my screen lol) Thanks!

        • Hey Elvin! Switched out. No idea why some morphed a bit in the transition, but you are fixed!

          • Actually, according to forums I’ve looked at, for some reason Picasa does some sort of auto convert to brighten images. Trying to figure a work around. Sorry about that!

            • Elvin Ching

              *Sad face* not your fault. But a little disappointed that picasa doesn’t like some of us heh. Thanks anyway!

            • Katie Small

              since you are looking into the problem already It looks like it washed out my entry as well woops haha.

          • Elvin Ching

            Oh wow that’s fast. Thanks so much man 🙂 And power to the selections, gotta admit they are killer fantastic!

    • Tim Christopher

      Wow, I’m honored to have been included in a group of such amazing artists! So many fantastic entries – can’t say I envy you guys when it comes to picking a winner! I’m going to be saving a lot of these to the inspiration folder. Thanks for putting this together!

      (And, yeah the colors on mine got all brightened up too, probably when uploaded to Picasa.)

      • Your Entry is amazing. Love the whole idea.

      • Tim – I switched yours out on the post. Sorry about that, and I had no idea Picasa was doing that (I’d love for someone at Google to explain why that is a good idea), but the one in this post is now the one you emailed us. I’ll switch out the rest tonight!

        • Tim Christopher

          No problem! Looks like it fixed the linked image but not the inline one. Not an issue though – I’m guessing you guys judged off the email files and not the ones on Picasa (and I don’t want to be a pain – you’ve already put in enough work, I think).

          You guys rock, keep up the good work!

    • Walter Ostlie

      I didn’t see my entry in the gallery, just wanted to make sure it was received. Thanks.

    • Karen Alcazar

      Love Tim Christopher´s and Juan Calle´s entries! Thomas Mikkelsen´s and Elvin Ching´s are amazing too!

      Also, my entries are not great as many of the gallery, but four of mine didn´t appear, only the last two I send.

      • Added! It looks like they were loaded to Google Drive rather than attached, which caused an error.

        • Karen Alcazar

          Thank you so much!

    • @)#$^(@$)!_#@%)!_!$^!($!#)$!!!!! So this means that Mike Mignola will see my drawing? I’m really happy right now. Shaking, actually.

      • He will be picking the winner out of the finalists. Congrats. 🙂

        • Thank you! Maaan… this made my day… WEEK!

    • Brent Blosser

      So much awesome work on display in these entries:)

    • Andres

      Thank you very much for picking my entry David, I´m really excited to have my work reviewed from mr. Mignola himself!!!

    • Katie Small

      There are so many amazing entries in this contest!! I can’t wait to see who won!

      p.s. I see you are looking into it already but I thought i’d make a note that my piece is all washed out and brightened in the gallery as well. 🙂

      pictured as it should be : http://kiss-me-kas.deviantart.com/art/web-20YearsOfHellboyContest-KatieSmall-445742865

      ~cheers! <3

      • Hi Katie! Very sorry about that. I honestly cannot figure out a fix. Still trying though!

        • Katie Small

          No problem, these thing do happen haha. I hope you find a fix it must be driving you nuts!

    • Silvio Navarro

      Hey there,
      I also can’t find my entry to the Contest in the Gallery.

      • Sorry! Apparently Picasa hates PDFs. Reuploading now!

        • Silvio Navarro


    • Ricardo Antinori

      Could yo post the link of the contest gallery here? Thanks!

      • There’s one at the intro to this article. 🙂

    • Léo Rudent

      Hi Multiversity, all those works are magnificents, but i’m sad to not fid me with the others pieces, my name is Leo Rudent. Can i just send you here my participation for the global wall?