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Reader Poll: What is the Best George Pérez Comic?

By | May 13th, 2022
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[George Pérez portrait by Phil Noto]

The comics world lost a gentle giant last week, when George Pérez — the artist and co-creator of “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” “The Infinity Gauntlet,” “The New Teen Titans,” and many more beloved books and characters — passed away from pancreatic cancer, a month shy of what would’ve been his 68th birthday. We wanted to remember George’s life and contributions to the medium this weekend by asking: what is your favorite Pérez comic?

It’s an interesting question, given his list of credits included vast (and small) swathes of ongoings, limited series, and creator-owned titles that he wrote, drew, co-wrote, wrote and drew, or inked (we’ve ignored the last bunch for simplicity’s sake.) By the way, if you grew up with his initial “Avengers” run, but are worried a vote for that might be a vote for the infamous 200th issue, don’t worry, we’ll make it clear it was great in spite of that. As always, feel free to tell us if we’ve missed something, and be sure to check back for the results on Monday.

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