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    Reader Poll: Who is the Most Iconic DC Villain?

    By | February 15th, 2019
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    Earlier this week, DC announced a special $.25 comic announcing that 2019 is the ‘Year of the Villain.’ This got us thinking about DC’s most iconic villains because, honestly, there are a ton of them.

    While Marvel probably has the market share on ‘heroes your mom can name’ in 2019, DC corners the market on the bad guys. Batman alone probably has 5+ villains that most Americans can name without too much trouble. Throw in Superman’s top 3, and you’ve already doubled the list of notable Marvel villains, most likely.

    But digging deeper, there are a ton more notable antagonists. Starro is the reason the Justice League formed; Darkseid is the villain behind the Super Powers line of toys/TV show. There was just a Suicide Squad film, which featured a team of villains. You see what we’re getting at.

    So, who is the most iconic of the entire bunch? Vote in our reader poll, and if we forgot your choice, scold us in the comments!

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