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    Reader Poll: What’s Next for the DCEU?

    By | November 17th, 2017
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    While Justice League is likely going to clean up at the box office for the next few weeks, it seems like almost no one is really happy with the film. It is almost universally more admired than last year’s Suicide Squad or Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, but no one is mentioning it anywhere near Wonder Woman. And that’s sort of the problem – if Wonder Woman had flopped, it would have been quite easy to just ditch the whole line and start fresh in a few years.

    So, what do you think Warner Bros should do next? Vote in our reader poll and defend your choice in the comments!

    What is next for the DCEU?

    Continue on this course, adjusting as they go0%
    Ditching all but Wonder Woman and maybe Aquaman, and recasting the rest0%
    Use Flashpoint as a way to change it all in story0%
    Start totally anew0%
    Just admit Marvel is better at this0%

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