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    Combat Goats and Iron-Fisted Pixie Queens with “Quantum and Woody” Artist Tom Fowler [Interview]

    By | May 20th, 2013
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    Page from Quantum & Woody #1

    I’m not going to lie, 2013 in a lot of ways has been owned by Valiant Comics. They’ve had great books and exciting announcements all year, and the best thing ever is coming this summer: the return of Quantum & Woody. That book is coming from James Asmus, Tom Fowler and Jordie Bellaire, and it is undoubtedly a book that I am hugely excited for. I was a huge fan of the original series, like plenty of people were, but I think this team has a chance of making a book that is every bit as special as that one was.

    To help bolster the excitement (hopefully), I have a quick Q & A for incoming Q & W artist Tom Fowler. We talk about how he joined in the fun at Valiant, what his thoughts about the book are, how long his run is going to be, and more. Thanks to Tom for answering my questions, and look for more about this book as we approach its arrival. Also, enjoy the new pages from the book and the covers that are coming for the second issue!

    Page from Quantum & Woody #1

    We know you painted Valiant’s Christmas card and worked on an Archer & Armstrong gatefold cover for #0, so you have a bit of a Valiant connection, but how did getting roped into this project come together? Had you experienced the earlier series at all?

    I’ve never read the original series, or, for that matter, any of the original Valiant books. They just weren’t on my radar when they were first coming out. So it was a little odd for me when Jody Leheup started contacting me about doing covers for Archer & Armstrong in October of last year. After I’d done a few of those (some have yet to see print), as well as some covers for other books (ditto), he asked if I wanted to paint the goat head cover for the then super-secret Q&W reboot. It was while I was working on that that he offered me the whole book. I had him send me what James had done so far and liked what I saw. Plus, they let me hire iron-fisted pixie queen Jordie Bellaire to colour it.

    Page from Quantum & Woody #1

    What appeals to you about Quantum & Woody from an artistic standpoint, besides clearly the opportunity to draw a combat goat?

    I think what we’re doing with the book plays to my strengths. There’s a lot of goofiness, which is fun to draw, but also a lot of heart and drama, and then there’s a lot of goofiness, which is fun to draw. The other night James and I were giggling about some monstrously terrifying and funny weird science that’s going to hit later in my run, of which I will offer only this: “brazilian.”

    Page from Quantum & Woody #1

    Obviously the project is in its infancy, but how’s working with James so far? Do you feel like the two of you are pretty aligned creatively?

    I think so. Lots of giggling as mentioned above. I’ve only had to threaten him with a shovel twice so far, which is good for me.

    Cover to Quantum & Woody #2 from Ryan Sook

    The fan base for the original Quantum & Woody series might have been small, but it was pretty damn passionate. How do you hope to get them embrace the coming awesome that is your version? What do you feel is similar and what is different about the version you’re working on?

    All I can really say to them is that we’re putting everything we’ve got into these books, we’re pulling no punches, and we’re genuinely trying to do the best book we can do. While it won’t be the same book they grew up with, we really do hope they give it a try and, if they like it, maybe a place next to the original on their shelves.

    If that doesn’t get them, screw ’em. I know plenty of people who’ll buy a book with a goat in it.

    Continued below

    Cover to Quantum & Woody #2 from Rian Hughes

    Is the plan for you to be the artist for the book for the foreseeable future? Do you have any insight into that as of yet?

    Officially I’m just on for the first four issues. That was my choice because I have previously standing commitments on the other side of those four issues. Once that’s seen to Jody’s left the door open for me to pop back in if the fans will have me. I’ve already got some ideas brewing for what that return will look like.

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