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Don’t Miss This: “Fall of the House of X” by Gerry Duggan and Lucas Werneck

By | May 23rd, 2024
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There are a lot of comics out there, but some stand out head and shoulders above the pack. With “Don’t Miss This,” we want to spotlight those series we think need to be on your pull list. This week, we see the end of the Krakoan era with “Fall of the House of X.”

Who’s This By?

“Fall of the House of X” is written by Gerry Duggan, who Marvel readers will know for his current runs on “Invincible Iron Man” and “X-Men.” He also had an excellent run on “Deadpool,” and is behind comics like “Savage Avengers,” “Uncanny Avengers,” and a run on “Marauders.” Outside of Marvel, he’s also the writer for “Arkham Manor,” “Dead Eyes,” and “The Infinite Horizon,” and worked alongside Brian Posehn on “The Last Christmas.”

It’s illustrated by Lucas Werneck, with Jethro Morales contributing on occasion. Werneck’s artwork will be familiar to readers of “Dead X-Men” and “Immortal X-Men” (which are wonderfully juxtaposed titles, I might add), as well as comics like and BOOM! Studios’ “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers” and “WWE NXT Takeover.” Morales, for his part, provided the artwork for several “Star Wars” comics, including “Doctor Aphra” and “The High Republic – The Blade,” as well as issues of “What If…?” Dark: Venom” and “Edge of Spider-Verse.”

Bryan Valenza provides the colors. His color work, which balances the bright colors of the X-Men with shading and background colors that bring out the darker aspects of the story, can also be seen in “Captain Marvel,” “Ghost Rider: Final Vengeance,” and “Miles Morales: Spider-Man.” Outside of Marvel, he’s provided colors for comics like “Helm Greycastle,” “Witchblade,” and the upcoming “Bandits of Batavia.”

What’s it All About?

The X-Men are fighting back against Orchis, but the AI are also having an uprising at the same time. This story runs parallel to “Rise of the Powers of X,” which also received a “Don’t Miss This” a month ago, and shows more of the conflict from the X-Men side. This means drag-down fights against killer robots, death-filled rituals to restore Krakoa, and certain characters having to cross lines we never thought they’d cross.

In one part of the story, we have Cyclops and his fellow X-Men reuniting and taking the fight to the enemy. Elsewhere, Apocalypse and the survivors he’s managed to find are working to restore Krakoa to full health, although they know it will come at a great cost. And of course, the robots are well on their way to wiping out all living species, especially since a certain famous mutant has decided to cut a deal with them – a deal not all are happy with.

And it is glorious.

After seeing mutantkind forced on the run, branded as criminals, and hunted down, hated in ways they’d never been hated before, we finally get to see them fight back. But between Orchis, the AI uprising, and the dark deals some are making to ensure their survival, it’s a difficult fight on several levels. The good news is: we get to enjoy every moment of it.

What Makes it So Great?

This story is the latest in the rise and fall of the Krakoan era, and it’s given the weight it deserves with an all-star team.

Gerry Duggan’s narrative flow and dialogue carry us through the story, giving proper weight to every moment and making the stakes feel properly high. There’s never a dull moment, whether the characters are debating what they need to do next or fighting the many, many threats they’re facing. The sacrifices and damages feel significant, and the threats feel properly overwhelming.

Each moment is illustrated in great detail and intensity. The action scenes are dynamic and filled with excitement, while the more somber moments are given the space they need to breathe and stand on their own. We often get panels drawn from angles that pull us right into the moment, whether it’s an upwards angle to show Apocalypse’s imposing form, or the way Cyclops and Professor X are framed against each other.

And of course, Bryan Valenza’s color work makes the artwork pop. The bright colors pop off the page, drawing our eyes in and not letting go. He knows just when to add ominous red tones to illuminate the scene or background, with fires and explosions that radiate from the panels.

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If you’ve been following the X-Men storyline since the moment they set foot on Krakoa, you won’t want to miss how it ends.

Where Can I Read it?

“Fall of the House of X” #5 is in stores this week and can be found at your friendly local comic shop or online on Comixology and Marvel.com. You can also pick up issues 1-4 while you’re there, and read the rest of the epic story in “Rise of the Powers of X.” As the comic is still new and ongoing, there’s no trade paperbacks yet, but that just means you have time to catch up to the story so far.

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