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Loki #1 featured Reviews
Pick of the Week: “Loki” #1

By | Jul 18, 2019 | Pick of the Week, Reviews

Having survived his father’s digestive tract in “War of the Realms,” Loki is back with a new solo run. Is everyone’s favorite trickster god up to the task of carrying the story? Well, it is this week’s Pick of the Week, so let’s see how the trickster god’s story goes. Written by Daniel Kibblesmih Illustrated […]

Adventures of the Super Sons 12 featured Reviews
“Adventures of the Super Sons” #12

By | Jul 4, 2019 | Reviews

The “Adventures of the Super Sons” comic comes to an end. Given Jon Kent’s age-up in the pages of “Superman” and “Action Comics,” who knows if we’ll get to see them together like this again? So how does their latest (maybe even last, but probably not) team up go? Written by Peter J. Tomasi Illustrated […]

Star Wars #67 featured Reviews
“Star Wars” #67

By | Jun 20, 2019 | Reviews

Who here is excited to visit Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland? Well, tickets are expensive and I don’t have the days off for it yet, but we can still visit the Star Wars galaxy in comic book form. “Star Wars” #67 marks a key moment in the comics, as Kieron Gillen’s run ends with the conclusion […]

Young Justice 6 featured Reviews
“Young Justice” #6

By | Jun 6, 2019 | Reviews

We now return to “Young Justice!” Not the show of the same name, although I am looking forward to when it resumes. The “Young Justice” comics have been picking up speed, with the first arc concluding this issue. Does the team come together? Will questions be answered? Read on and see. Written by Brian Michael […]


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