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    Soliciting Multiversity: Dark Horse’s Top 10 in November 2017

    By | August 28th, 2017
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    Solicitations hit last week so you know what that means! It’s time for Soliciting Multiversity, our monthly look at the best that each publisher has to offer. As usual, we kick things off with Dark Horse. November is a chance to order some really great collections and it also sees the launch of new Mignolaverse books and a great Game of Thrones collectible. Let’s jump into this month’s picks.

    10. Mother Of Dragons

    I’ve mentioned this a lot of times over my couple of years doing this but Dark Horse makes some very good collectibles. Their Game of Thrones line has been amazing and this bust is no different. This is striking and the resemblance is fantastic. Any big Game of Thrones collector will want to add this to their shelf.

    Game of Thrones: Daenerys Targaryen – Mother of Dragons Bust (advance solicit)
    On sale Jan 10
    8” tall, limited edition bust • $99.99
    Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons has at long last made her journey across the seas to claim her throne. In this elegantly hand painted bust, her contemplative and strong presence comes across in striking detail. This 8” tall limited edition polyresin bust is hand numbered, and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

    9. There’s Tombs To Be Raided

    Tomb Raider is one of the few video game franchises that I’m familiar with on a more than surface level. Dark Horse has had the property for a couple of years now and has put out a few just fine series, including one written by Gail Simone. In November, a new series gets started with a very solid creative team who I kind of have high hopes for.

    Tomb Raider: Survivor’s Crusade #1 (of 4)
    Jackson Lanzing (W), Collin Kelly (W), Ashley A. Woods (A), Michael Atiyeh (C), and Hannah Fisher (Cover)
    On sale Nov 22
    FC, 32 pages • $3.99 • Miniseries
    Lara Croft has unfinished business. After facing Trinity in Siberia, she’s more confused than ever about her father’s mysterious death. She’s been training and following flimsy leads, preparing herself to figure out what really happened to Lord Richard Croft. Now, she’s ready to put everything on the line to uncover the truth. Writers Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly (Joyride, Hacktivist) and artist Ashley A. Woods (Ladycastle, Niobe), continue Lara’s story after Rise of the Tomb Raider and the last Dark Horse series!
    A new creative team puts a new twist on Lara Croft’s adventures!
    A great jumping-on point for new readers!

    8. The Prettiest Hardcovers

    Dark Horse does some great hardcovers but none are nicer than the ones that come out for Matt Kindt’s books. The “Mind MGMT” hardcovers were beautiful with so much care put into how they were put together. The “Dept. H” ones have been no different and feel so unique to this creator which is something you don’t see much of in comics as a whole.

    Dept. H Volume 3: Decompressed HC (advance solicit)
    Matt Kindt (W/A/Cover) and Sharlene Kindt (C)
    On sale Jan 17
    FC, 168 pages • $19.99 • HC, 7” x 10”
    Confronted with a deep-sea base that is slowly imploding, Mia gets one step closer to solving the murder of her father. But things won’t be that easy, as our small team of survivors grapple with psychic jellyfish and exposure to mind-altering and potentially lethal pathogens that might just drive them insane before they can reach the surface. But even if they can survive all of this? The bigger question still remains—why aren’t they allowed to surface? Mia may have figured out who murdered her father . . . but the motivation for the crime may prove even more devastating.
    Collects Dept. H #13–#18.
    “If you’re even the slightest bit tempted to jump on Dept. H, do yourself a massive favor and dive in.”—All-Comic

    7. A Look To The Past

    One of the coolest things in a post “Hellboy In Hell” world is that Hellboy hasn’t really left us. There are still so many stories to tell and this is one of them. I read this as it was coming out and this was a very solid read that any Hellboy fan will enjoy. November is your chance to pre-order this before its January release date and you should do just that.

    Continued below

    Hellboy and the BPRD: 1954 TP (advance solicit)
    Mike Mignola (W/Cover), Chris Roberson (W), Richard Corben (A), Stephen Green (A), Patric Reynolds (A), Brian Churilla (A), and Dave Stewart (C)
    On sale Jan 10
    FC, 144 pages • $19.99 • TP, 7” x 10”
    No longer a rookie, Hellboy joins other Bureau agents in a series of far-flung mysteries that take them searching for yetis terrorizing an Arctic research team, into the American suburbs where a family is haunted by a phantom monkey, and to a Hong Kong showdown with demons drawn to a Chinese artifact.
    iZombie co-creator Chris Roberson teams with Mike Mignola and a group of artists to uncover the horror and intrigue of a growing occult Cold War. Mignola also reunites with legendary artist Richard Corben for the short story “The Mirror.”
    Collects Hellboy and the BPRD: 1954 #1–#5 and “Hellboy: The Mirror” from Free Comic Book Day 2016.
    “. . . a satisfying tale of suburban ghosts with a suitably dark twist.”—IGN

    6. The Phenomenon Continues

    The first part of “Turf Wars” was really well received by fans. It ended up being just what people wanted from the comic continuation of this groundbreaking animated series. I’m excited for more and I hope this has a long life ahead of it.

    The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars Part Two TP (advance solicit)
    Michael Dante DiMartino (W), Irene Koh (A), Vivian Ng (C), Heather Campbell (Cover)
    On sale Jan 17
    FC, 80 pages • $10.99 • TP, 6” x 9”
    Recovering from a fight with the dragon-eel spirit and furious for revenge, Triple Threats member Tokuga solidifies his ties with the duplicitous Wonyong. Meanwhile, when Republic City’s housing crisis reaches its peak, Zhu Li sets her sights on the biggest public figure in the city—President Raiko—in a bid for the presidency! With her friend’s success, the future of the spirit portal, and the wellbeing of Republic City’s citizens at stake, can Korra remain neutral and fulfill her duties as the Avatar?
    Written by series co-creator Michael Dante DiMartino and drawn by Irene Koh (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Afrina and the Glass Coffin), with consultation by Bryan Konietzko, this is the official continuation of The Legend of Korra!
    “We can’t wait to finally see more of this wonderful series—and what adventures Korra and Asami go on next, of course.”—io9

    5. A Worthwhile Recoloring

    Older work coming back with new coloring is a kind of controversial thing in comic books. It often times fails because the colorist doesn’t entirely work with that original art well and styles clash. “Jenny Finn” is an older Mignola work that will be reprinted with brand new colors by Dave Stewart. If you know his work and what he’s done within the Mignolaverse, you know that this could really work. He could do wonders with Nixey’s art and I look forward to seeing this.

    Jenny Finn #1 (of 4)
    Mike Mignola (W/Cover), Troy Nixey (W/A), and Dave Stewart (C)
    On sale Nov 15
    FC, 32 pages • $3.99 • Miniseries
    London’s dockside is threatened by the twin terrors of a plague that leaves bodies covered in tentacles and a slasher killing women in the night, all of which began after the arrival of a strange young girl who is followed by whispers of doom wherever she goes.
    Mike Mignola and Troy Nixey’s acclaimed series!
    Colored for the first time by nine-time Eisner Award-winner Dave Stewart!
    “Filled with its creator’s trademark spirit mediums, ghastly tentacles, and general all-around weirdness… good, creepy stuff.”—Booklist

    4. Ring In The New Year With Horror

    “Shadows on the Grave” is a collection of short horror stories that have a wide range of topics. This doesn’t technically come out until January so this will be a great way to ring in 2018, which will probably be just as horrific as these stories if we continue the path we’re on.

    Shadows on the Grave HC (advance solicit)
    Richard Corben (W/A/Cover)
    On sale Jan 17
    b&w, 240 pages • $19.99 • HC, 7” x 10”
    Richard Corben follows up 2014’s Spirits of the Dead with a new collection of original short stories, ranging from gothic tales worthy of Poe, to Twilight Zone-style encounters with the weird, to a full-length fantasy epic featuring a barbarian reminiscent of Corben’s most notorious creation, Den, immortalized in the 1981 animated film Heavy Metal.
    Collects Shadows on the Grave #1-#8.
    New stories from 2012 Eisner Hall of Fame award winner Richard Corben!
    “Shadows on the Grave is as fun and clever as it is horrific.” —All-Comic

    Continued below

    3. In Soviet Russia, You Hunt Predator

    Whatever, that’s a good joke. “Predator: Hunters” has been a really solid and different take on this franchise. The action has been great because Velasco is very good at what he does and the protagonist has felt really different from the ones who came before. I think if you’ve had any interest in jumping into these comics, this is the place to do it.

    Predator: Hunters TP (advance solicit)
    Chris Warner (W), Francisco Ruiz Velasco (A), and Doug Wheatley (Cover)
    On sale Jan 24
    FC, 120 pages • $19.99 • TP, 7” x 10”
    Since time immemorial, the aliens known as Predators have come to Earth to hunt us. Now a group of survivors of those visits have begun a hunt of their own. This is the year that humanity turns the tables on the Predators!
    Collects Predator: Hunters #1-#5.
    A new direction in Predator stories!
    “Warner and Velasco each have a firm grasp on the inherent appeal of the Predator franchise, and deserve all the credit in the world for managing to pay homage to that while simultaneously flipping the entire ‘hunter and prey’ dynamic on its head.” —Big Comic Page

    2.This Art Tho

    Honestly, look at this David Rubin cover. It’s so good and I need this series right now. I haven’t read the first issue yet but I know this is going to rock. “Black Hammer” has so much potential as a bigger universe and I think that this series will be instrumental in pushing that forward. Read “Black Hammer.” Pre-order this series.

    Sherlock Frankenstein & The Legion of Evil: From the World of Black Hammer #2 (of 4)
    Jeff Lemire (W), David Rubín (A/Cover), Dean Ormston (Variant cover), and Dave Stewart (Variant cover colors)
    On sale Nov 22
    FC, 32 pages • $3.99 • Miniseries
    Lou Kamiski was just a regular ol’ Spiral City plumber when one day he was plunged into the horrific world of the great Old Ones to become CTHU-LOU! Witness the origin story of how a mild-mannered handyman turned into an emissary for a cosmic god and one of Black Hammer’s most feared opponents.
    Guest artist from the main Black Hammer series DAVID RUBÍN returns for his own miniseries with JEFF LEMIRE!

    1. The Legend Continues

    Rasputin is one of the most mysterious and scary historical figures that has lived on forever in pop culture. He’s got a big role to play in the Hellboy universe and in November, he gets his own miniseries. I don’t think this is the best place to jump into this universe but it lands at the top of my list this month because I am very hyped for this story and this creative team.

    Rasputin: The Voice of the Dragon #1 (of 5)
    Mike Mignola (W/Variant cover), Chris Roberson (W), Christopher Mitten (A), Dave Stewart (C), and Mike Huddleston (Cover)
    On sale Nov 15
    FC, 32 pages • $3.99 • Miniseries
    A conspiracy involving the Third Reich and a dead member of a sinister secret society sets Professor Bruttenholm on his first mission—to find the man who’d soon bring Hellboy to earth.
    The mad Russian sorcerer Rasputin had been thought dead since 1916, when a group of noblemen sought to end his influence over the tsar. Now Rasputin works with the most twisted members of Hitler’s inner circle, and he’s about to cross paths with the man who’ll go on to found the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense.

    Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments and check out the full solicitations over at CBR.

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