Soliciting Multiversity: Image’s Top 10 for May 2023

By | March 8th, 2023
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It is once again time to look ahead to everything Image Comics has in store. Coming out this May, we consider a good mix of new and old titles. You also might notice: Image fantasy-genre comics are going pretty hard! A good mix of genres in here generally. Here is a list of ten exciting comics for the eclectic reader.

As always, you can find the full solicits on the Image comics website.

10. One Giant One-Shot

I cannot believe how all-in Image has gone on the Super Sentai-adjacent Massiveverse, but here we are. This used to be the kind of thing Image was known for; the kinds of adventures you can read over at the big two but more approachable and with a signature style. Said Massiveverse is getting its first crossover event in the form of a supersized one shot. That’s a way to earn good vibes with me! An exciting story that doesn’t sprawl out into a dozen ancillary titles? Today that is all it will take.

Written by Kyle Higgins, Ryan Parrott, Melissa Flores, Mat Groom
Illustrated and Colored by Daniele Di Nicuolo

A doorway has opened. Beyond it lies the Holy Grail. Yes, that Holy Grail. But why are RADIANT BLACK, ROGUE SUN, and THE DEAD LUCKY all so desperate to get their hands on it-and who is the mysterious woman who stands in their way?

Massive-Verse architects KYLE HIGGINS, RYAN PARROTT, MELISSA FLORES & MAT GROOM are joined by superstar art team DANIELE DI NICUOLO & WALTER BAIAMONTE (Power Rangers: Shattered Grid, Seven Secrets) for a 50-page one-shot crossover event!
SUPERMASSIVE is a Massive-Verse comic.
In Shops: May 24, 2023

9. But I love this comic

I don’t want to repeat myself on “I Hate This Place,” which now has its first trade on the shelves. It’s funny, scary, and sweet. I love the main couple. I will keep reading if every issue continues to be mysterious and zany. But the solicit promises some answers. That’s even more than I signed up for!

Written by Kyle Starks
Illustrated and Colored by Artyom Topilin, Lee Loughridge

After jumping through a mysterious portal, Gabby finally gets some answers about what the hell is going on! Meanwhile, Trudy is reunited with a literal ghost from their past-and after this issue, nothing will be the same!
In Shops: May 03, 2023

8. A Tale of Astonish

It’s been a while since Image had a hit superhero comic. Back in the day, there would always be something whether it be “Youngblood” or “Invincible.” I guess the aforementioned Massiveverse stuff is sort of superhero adjacent but this one has all the trappings. I can’t say I am all too familiar with the work of writer Drew Craig, but the fact Wes Craig of “Deadly Class” game is doing a variant cover, I’ll go out on a limb and say they are related. Don’t know if that means this comic will have that family shine on it, but the solicit makes it seem fun enough to check out.

Written by Drew Craig 
Illustrated by Jason Finestone and Drew Craig
Colored by Drew Craig

Orphaned amnesiac high school student Grant Garrison is just attempting to navigate his present and recall his past when a meteor decimates his school. In the rubble, Grant discovers a strange artifact from another galaxy, the weapon known as the Starstorm, and the power that resides within it will determine not only his and his friends’ future-but the fate of the entire universe. Featuring a variant cover by DEADLY CLASS artist WES CRAIG!
In Shops: May 31, 2023

7. The Everlasting of Us

Wow, there’s a whole trade’s worth of “Love Everlasting” right now. This book is a delight. The protagonist needs to “win” various romance novels by getting to the happy conclusion. It’s the only way she can jump to the next romantic time loop. Why is this happening? Well that’s where the story is, but “Love Everlasting” is still a fun episodic series that you should now catch up on and boom, you’re ready to follow it monthly.

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Written by Tom King
Illustrated and Colored by Elsa Charretier

The acclaimed horror/romance series continues. After the game-changing twist in the last issue, Joan wakes up in a world she does not and cannot understand. Every rule has been broken, and she must fight her way out of this new trap of love or face her greatest fear-her wedding night!
In Shops: May 03, 2023

6. Hail Emperor Dakka

First issue of this still hasn’t come out, so I am hype for this on the solicits alone. We got Greg Rucka (the great Greg Rucka!) leading a creative team in… creating an off-brand Warhammer 40k. That’s all it takes for me. But look at these covers. Don’t you think there’s a little bit of “2000 AD” influence in there too? I’m excited for “Forged,” watch this space to see if it delivers!

Written by Greg Rucka and Eric Trautmann
Illustrated and Colored by Mike Henderson

For 10,000 years, the Eternal Empire spread across the galaxy, and in all that time there has never been actual first contact with another alien race. This issue, the Forged meet their neighbors. Spoiler: their neighbors are f* PISSED.
In Shops: May 24, 2023

5. New high score

I saw an Asteroids machine the other day, the leaderboard filled with trios of initials. Do you think some of those records have been sitting in that machine’s memory for forty years? It got me nostalgic for arcades (I’m old), but here’s a comic aiming squarely at my center of nostalgia. It sounds like it has the structure of a sports anime, using the goal of an arcade high score to bring together some flashy characters to create some chemistry. I for one, will be inserting a coin and pressing start.

Written by Dylan Burnett
Illustrated and Colored by Dylan Burnett

Writer and artist DYLAN BURNETT (Ant-Man, Cosmic Ghost Rider) unveils a new prestige comics series sensation, perfect for fans of INVINCIBLE and MURDER FALCON.
Joe, a mysterious new face in Infinity City, has suddenly become the hottest new player at the Round House Arcade. Anyone can challenge him, but no one can win.
But Joe’s secret past is about to catch up to him when his most formidable challenge yet rolls into town, forcing Joe to combo his powers with a joystick, his fists…and his fighting family legacy!
In Shops: May 17, 2023

4. This is Halloween, This is Halloween

There is a character in this comic named Halloween Dante; she has a look and a gimmick and a very widely circulated sex tape. She’s also rising to power to take over her family’s haunted-ass amusement park to remake it in her own (sexy) image. This is probably the most crackerjack ongoing Image is publishing month-to-month, and this issue doesn’t look likely to let up.

Written by Joshua Williamson
Illustrated and Colored by Andrei Bressan and Adriano Lucas

Halloween makes her move to become the killer queen of Devil Land and gives the park-loving fiends exactly what they crave.

3. The place you work when you’ve been fired everywhere else

A barbarian as defined by the new ongoing series “Last Barbarians,” is a D&D-style adventurer that doesn’t have a guild, or a specialty. They are the proverbial murder-hobos. And when you work doing sketchy things, you’ve got to roll with some scary people. That’s what’s in store for our hero Sylv and her gentle giant brother, as they get roped deeper into some pretty dark magic. Hell yeah.

Written by Brian Haberlin
Illustrated by Geirrod Van Dyke and Brian Haberlin
Colored by Brian Haberlin

Who is Falk, really? It is clear to Sylv that his lies are much more sinister than she originally believed. If she and Shadow continue to help him, it might spell doom for the entire realm. An alliance with the sinister Wax and Wayne might be her only way out…
In Shops: May 10, 2023

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2. Who you gonna call?

I read the first issue of this (reviewed it actually!) and it’s a certified bop. Kelly Thompson gets to flex her fantasy worldbuilding muscles, and no surprise, she crushes it. And I wasn’t sure if Meredith McClaren’s art style would fit the tone of the book, but it’s actually the best part! “Black Cloak” is similar to a bunch of fantasy comics Image is putting out right now, but none of them can match it for tone or style.

Written by Kelly Thompson
Illustrated and Colored by Meredith McClaren

An unexpected “reunion” cuts right to Essex’s heart. Pax weighs dark options. Draconas consider their place in a political nightmare. The Humans scramble, anticipating an opportunity. Those with power scheme to hang on to it at any cost. Mermaids still have no rights. And more people will be dead by morning.
In Shops: May 10, 2023

1. Jupiter Aligns With Mars

I like Saladin Ahmed’s creator-owned comics better than his superhero ones. I think “Abbott” is better than any issue of “Miles Morales” he’s done; he manages to infuse the former with so much specificity and personality. And while I am not one of those astrology people, I have to admit that twelve is a great size for an ensemble blessed/cursed with magical abilities. A standard enough setup sure, but that just means that the story is going to be found in the details. On top of the already very winning art of Megan Levens and Kelly Fitzpatrick, “Starsigns” has everything it needs to be the best new Image debut of May.

Written by Saladin Ahmed
Illustrated and Colored by Megan Levens, Kelly Fitzpatrick

The constellations of the zodiac fall to earth, granting twelve ordinary people from very different walks of life the superhuman powers of the Starsigns. But each of them is about to learn that power always comes with a price…

Eisner-winning writer SALADIN AHMED (Miles Morales) and sci-fi star artist MEGAN LEVENS (Star Trek) launch an exciting new series about astrology, superpowers, and diverse found family, in the tradition of X-Men and Heroes.
In Shops: May 03, 2023

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