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Soliciting Multiversity: Marvel’s Top 10 for March 2023

By | January 11th, 2023
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As we casually stroll into March, we’ve got a nice array of comics to look forward to. Some new series are starting, others are reaching a conclusion, and some are reaching big turning points. And most exciting of all: more Jeff the Land Shark! (Yes, Multiversity’s love of that little land shark shall never die.)

So without further ado, let’s see what’s ahead from Marvel…

10. So… What, Exactly, Happened?

When Zeb Wells and John Romita Jr. kicked off a new run of “Amazing Spider-Man,” we were treated to a different, unexpected status quo for Peter Parker. His personal relationships were ruined, he was drowning in even more self-loathing and depression than usual, and clearly he was carrying a lot of guilt over something. So what, exactly, happened to set up this new situation? 21 issues later and we finally get to find out!

Amazing Spider-Man #21
Written by Zeb Wells
Illustrated by John Romita Jr.
Cover by John Romita Jr.
Variant covers by Jan Bazaldua and Vitale Mangiatordi

• It’s time. This arc will answer your questions including…WHAT DID PETER DO?!
• Who caused all of this?

9. Anybody Know What Time it is?

Ben Grimm, The ever-loving blue eyed Thing, is undoubtedly my favorite member of the Fantastic Four. It’s always nice when he gets a mini-series to himself, and now he’s got a little team-up book, where he gets to fight (and occasionally fight alongside) other heavy hitters of the Marvel Universe. The first issue kicks things off with the Hulk, a frequently recurring foe for Ben, but whenever the two go head-to-head or stand side-by-side, there’s always plenty of action to go around. So let’s see how this new run starts things off.

Clobberin’ Time #1 (of 5)
Written by Steve Skroce
Illustrated by Steve Skroce
Cover by Steve Skroce
Variant covers by Dan Jurgens, Greg Smallwood, and Gerardo Sandoval

It’s the most clobber-filled title in the Marvel line, brought to you by the talented Steve Skroce, as Ben Grimm teams up with heroes from across the Marvel Universe! It’s the Thing’s greatest adventure yet, with or without the Fantastic Four. In this issue, the Hulk and Ben are stranded on a distant, ancient, alien world, where the duo must protect an ancient people against legions of Deviant hordes and ultimately face the wrath of a Celestial.

8. The Band’s Back Together

Speaking of the Fantastic Four, Ryan North’s run on the title has been off to a great start. Issue #4 reunites everyone and explains why they were staying incognito, while issue #5 has them fighting once again as a team. But right off the bat, the solicit tells us that they’re going to lose, complete with new twists. So we can expect the unexpected as the comic shifts into a new, dare I say fantastic, gear, and I can’t wait to see what’s planned.

Fantastic Four #5
Written by Ryan North
Illustrated by Ivan Fiorelli
Cover by Alex Ross
Variant covers by Alex Ross and Chris Bachalo

• The Fantastic Four are reunited and all is well…until their convoy is interrupted by NICK SCRATCH and SALEM’S SEVEN!
• It’s an all-out magical BATTLE for SURVIVAL right there on the highway, and the Fantastic Four 100% fail to win it. That’s right! This solicit isn’t going the way you thought it would!
• As the truth of what happened is puzzled out, Reed, Sue, Ben, Johnny and Alicia all realize that something more sinister has taken place, and their only hope of undoing it is an impromptu voyage into the unknown…

7. Space: The Final Highway

One of the craziest additions to Marvel in recent years is the Cosmic Ghost Rider: a version of Frank Castle from an alternate future where Thanos won, who made a deal with both Mephisto and Galactus to gain the powers of the spirit of vengeance and the power cosmic. And he’s also a tad bit insane. So that alone is awesome. We’ve seen him mess with timelines throughout the Marvel Universe, now we get to see him fight… himself, apparently. Whatever Stephanie Phillips has planned, it sounds like just the kind of cosmic craziness that makes the Cosmic Ghost Rider a fun character to follow.

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Cosmic Ghost Rider #1
Written by Stephanie Phillips
Illustrated by Juann Cabal
Cover by Valerio Giangiordano
Variant covers by Ryan Stegman, Nick Roche, Cory Smith, and Todd Nauck

• In a far-flung corner of deep space, Frank Castle has eked out a quiet existence, his days as Cosmic Ghost Rider finally behind him. But across the universe, a vicious bounty hunter is leaving a trail of bodies in his wake and his name is…Cosmic Ghost Rider?! When Frank’s peaceful existence is shattered, he must suit up once more and face his most savage enemy yet – himself! Be there for the start of a sprawling space adventure with shocking twists and turns in the saga of Cosmic Ghost Rider!

6. Krakoa’s Power Couple

Is there a couple as beloved in Marvel as Rogue and Gambit? Maybe, I haven’t taken a poll. But they’re still a popular pairing, and ever since they tied the knot, that hasn’t changed a bit. So now they’re getting another mini-series with the two of them teaming up to save Krakoa and their relationship. And apparently some secrets will be revealed as well? There’s a lot to look forward to here, no doubt about that.

Rogue & Gambit #1 (of 5)
Written by Stephanie Phillips
Illustrated by Carlos Gómez
Cover by Steve Morris
Variant covers by Zu Orzu, Marc Aspinall, Lucas Werneck, and Alex Ross

• Krakoa is on a precipice. Destiny alone can see what’s coming – but the precog cannot act. For that, she’ll need her adoptive daughter, Rogue. Husbands need not apply…but with mutant duties stealing Rogue away so much these days, Gambit is determined to make the most of the mission and put some Cajun spice back into their increasingly complicated love affair. He just has to make it out of the bar first. Powerhouse writer Stephanie Phillips (Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Millie the Spy) joins fan-favorite artist Carlos Gómez (X-Terminators, Amazing Spider-Man) for a thrill ride that’ll lay bare some of Krakoa’s biggest secrets!

5. What Ever Happened to Broo?

Broo the brainy Brood rose to popularity back in Jason Aaron’s run of “Wolverine and the X-Men,” and while his appearances since then have been sparse, he hasn’t been forgotten. In fact, he became the Brood King not too long ago, but we haven’t heard much from him since then. Well, it sounds like things aren’t going well for him, especially since recent events in “Captain Marvel” have shown that the Brood are not in a good mood. So how will things work out for everyone’s favorite little Brood? Let’s find out.

X-Men #20
Written by Gerry Duggan
Illustrated by Stefano Caselli
Cover by Juan Frigeri
Variant covers by Giuseppe Camuncoli, Terry Dodson, Josh Cassara, Baldeón, and Alex Ross

• When the X-Men’s close friend Broo became the Brood King, he gained the ability to control the savage alien race he was both a part of and so different from. Now he is experiencing his own nightmare scenario – the Brood are killing his friends, and there is nothing he can do to stop it! Featuring a connecting cover to CAPTAIN MARVEL #47!

4. Arcade’s Endgame

“Murderworld” has been a blood-filled romp through Arcade’s death game, complete with murderous robot duplicates of Marvel’s greatest heroes.

Need I go on?

Well, it’s been a fun and exceedingly deadly run, but it’s about to reach its conclusion. The only question is if Black Widow can save anyone before the winner is crowned. But with a team like Jim Zub, Ray Fawkes, and Netho Diaz behind it, “Murderworld” is always gonna be entertaining for any fans of death game series, and there’s no doubt the conclusion will be just as exciting.

Murderworld: Game Over #1
Written by Jim Zub & Ray Fawkes
Illustrated by Netho Diaz
Cover by Paco Medina
Variant covers by Rian Gonzales

• The grand finale! The big prize! Bodies are piled high and only one person can win it all! Arcade’s darkest game comes to a close and anything can happen…especially if Natasha Romanoff has something to say about it.
• Arcade’s circus-style contests have been a punchline in the past, but writers Ray Fawkes (One Soul, Constantine) and Jim Zub (AVENGERS, CONAN THE BARBARIAN) and artist Netho Diaz (THUNDERBOLTS, LEGION OF X) are here to put the “murder” back in “Murderworld.” Don’t miss it!

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3. More Than a Girls’ Night Out

Whenever Marvel releases an issue highlighting a group of characters and creators, it’s always a great read. This is true with the “Marvel’s Voices” series, and it’s true with “Women of Marvel,” which highlights the ladies of the Marvel Universe—both the ones on the comic pages and the ones who create them. We’ve got the Marvels, She-Hulk, America Chavez, and even characters who haven’t even made a live-action debut yet, so there’s plenty to look forward to here.

Women of Marvel #1
Written by Melissa Flores & many more
Illustrated by Jodhi Nishijima & many more
Cover by Erica D’Urso
Variant covers by Romy Jones, Marguerite Sauvage, and Stefano Caselli

• Marvel’s fiercest heroines take the spotlight in an all-new Women of Marvel one-shot! Get in now for a preview of the women creators taking Marvel Comics by storm! Power Rangers scribe Melissa Flores sends America Chavez on a pulse-punching adventure! She-Hulk steers straight into the gutters, and she loves it! Silk spins a wild web through New York City! All this and more as Women of Marvel celebrates more than ten years of uplifting the characters and creators you know and love – and the ones you’re about to.

2. The Goodest Boy is Back

We here at Multiversity Comics have differing opinions about many things. We all have different tastes, outlooks, and preferences, so it’s not uncommon for one of us to praise a comic that another hates, or enjoy a character that others find obnoxious. But there’s one thing that unites us all, and that thing is… Jeff the Land Shark.

Jeff has had his own little solo spot in Marvel Unlimited, but now “It’s Jeff” is coming to paperback with its own release. Written by Kelly Thompson, creator of Jeff, and illustrated by Gurihiru, whose anime-esque designs and bright colors bring characters to life in an adorable way, “It’s Jeff” is a ton of fun for anyone who loves that little Land Shark, and comes with a brand new Jeff story for us to enjoy as well.

Long live Jeff!

It’s Jeff #1
Written by Kelly Thompson
Illustrated by Gurihiru
Cover by Gurihiru
Variant covers by Doaly and Ron Lim

• Since his very first appearance, Jeff the Land Shark has flooded our hearts like an adorable tidal wave! Now the ingenious, the extraordinary, the unbearably innocent Jeff embarks on his own adventures across the Marvel Universe! You thought it was safe doing laundry or going for a leisurely swim in the pool…but no activity can protect against Jeff’s cuteness! Collecting the hit Infinity Comics series from the Marvel Unlimited app, this one-shot features a brand-new cover and tail…we mean tale!

1. Invasion’s End

While the original “Secret Invasion” was a crossover event featuring big group battles against groups of Skrulls, Ryan North’s take on the concept has been significantly more engaging and exciting. We’ve had intrigue, espionage, and twists, the likes of which really put the “secret” in “Secret Invasion.” Now we get to see how it comes to an end, with a nuclear threat and even more twists in store. And I, for one, can’t wait to see how it ends (and welcome our new Skrull overlords, maybe).

Secret Invasion #5 (of 5)
Written by Ryan North
Illustrated by Franceso Mobili
Cover by Sanford Greene

• The Skrulls have tightened their envious grasp on the world as their plan creeps toward its ultimate culmination…and with Maria Hill, Nick Fury and Tony Stark off the board, all seems lost!
• The Skrulls have nuclear codes. They’ve got people in positions of power. But for once, they DON’T have the element of surprise.
• Twists, turns, shocking reveals and a conclusion you won’t want to miss! This invasion is going out with a BANG.

Check out the full solicitations over at

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