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    2018 Ringo Awards Winners Announced

    By | September 30th, 2018
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    The winners of the 2018 Mike Wieringo Comic Book Industry Awards were announced last night at Baltimore Comic-Con.

    In the Fan Favourites category:

    Favourite Hero: Mags, from “Assassin Roommate” by Monica Gallagher
    Favourite Villain: Arlo, from “unOrdinary” by uru-chan
    Favourite New Series: “I Love Yoo” by Quimchee
    Favourite New Talent: Quimchee
    Favourite Publisher: Line Webtoon

    Cover by Nick Derington

    In the Jury And Fan Winners category:

    Best Cover Artist: Michael Cho (“Batwoman”)
    Best Series: “Mister Miracle” by Tom King and Mitch Gerards
    Best Letterer: Todd Klein (“Fables,” “The Sandman”)
    Best Colorist: Dave Stewart (“B.P.R.D: The Devil You Know,” “Koshchei the Deathless”)
    Best Humor Comic: “Batman/Elmer Fudd Special” by Tom King and Lee Weeks
    Best Original Graphic Novel: “My Favorite Thing Is Monsters” by Emil Ferris
    Best Comic Strip or Panel: “Sarah’s Scribbles” by Sarah Andersen
    Best Single Issue or Story: “Batman/Elmer Fudd Special” by Tom King and Lee Weeks
    Mike Wieringo Spirit Award: “Mech Cadet Yu” by Greg Pak and Takeshi Miyazawa
    Best Anthology: “Mine! A celebration of liberty and freedom for all benefiting Planned Parenthood” collected by ComicMix

    Cover by Soo Lee

    Best Non-Fiction Comic Work: “The Best We Could Do” by Thi Bui
    Best Presentation in Design: “Saga” by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples
    Best Webcomic: “1000” by Chuck Brown and Sanford Greene
    Best Kids Comic or Graphic Novel: “DC Superhero Girls” by Shea Fontana, Yancey Labat, Marcelo Di Chiara and Agnes Garbowska
    Best Inker: Mark Morales (“Justice League,” “Deathstroke”)
    Best Writer: Tom King (“Batman,” “Mister Miracle”)
    Best Artist or Penciller: Lee Weeks (“Batman,” “Batman/Elmer Fudd Special”)
    Best Cartoonist (Writer/Artist): Joelle Jones (“Catwoman”)

    The Hero Initiative Awards:

    Dick Giordano Humanitarian of the Year Award: Marc Andreyko
    Hero Initiative Lifetime Achievement Award: Dennis O’Neil

    Started last year by Baltimore Comic-Con as a replacement for the Harvey Awards (which moved to New York Comic Con), the Mike Wieringo Comic Book Industry Awards are the only comic book awards voted by both fans and pros, with the final voting process being performed by the professional comic community. The awards are named after the late artist Mike “Ringo” Wieringo, who worked on titles such as “The Flash” and “Batman,” and co-created “Tellos” with Todd Dezago.

    The Hero Initiative is a program that provides a safety net for comic creators who need emergency medical aid or financial support.

    Luke Cornelius

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