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    “DC Nation” #0 in May Previews Big Events for 2018

    By | February 1st, 2018
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    DC Comics has announced the details of “DC Nation” #0 along with those from earlier today of what’s coming from Brian Michael Bendis coming later this year. The 32-page issue will feature three stories previewing big things to come in “Superman,” “Batman,” and the upcoming “Justice League: No Justice:”

    – The “Justice League: No Justice” prelude will be written by Scott Snyder with art by “Super Sons” artist Jorge Jimenez. The story will serve as an entry point for the larger 4-issue weekly series starting the following week and will highlight the scope of the event. “No Justice” is being co-written by Snyder, Joshua Williamson, James Tynion IV with art by Francis Manapul and will spawn a relaunch of the “Justice League” titles with Snyder on the flagship.

    – The Batman story in the issue is being crafted by “Batman” writer Tom King and one of the “Batman” series artists Clay Mann. That issue will follow The Joker learning of Batman and Catwoman’s upcoming wedding and spoiler, he’s not happy. The wedding narrative will climax on July 4th’s “Batman” #50.

    – Finally, the Superman story is coming from Brian Michael Bendis and acclaimed Superman artist José Luis García-López. Bendis was announced earlier today to be writing a “Man of Steel” weekly series starting May 30th before taking over “Superman” and “Action Comics” in July. This 10-page story will serve as prologue to his run following his story in “Action Comics” #1000 in April with Jim Lee.

    Cover by Jorge Jimenez

    DC also revealed this issue will be a primer for a new promotional magazine coming from DC called “DC Nation” set to launch the following month on June 9th. This follows an attempt to launch a fan magazine last year that only released one issue called “Direct Currents.” This tripartite story is also quite similar to the “FCBD Divergence” #0 which DC did on Free Comic Book Day in 2015 that also had “Justice League,” “Batman,” and “Superman” stories.

    “DC Nation” will be available for $0.25 from retailers and free via digital download. The issue will be out on May 2nd right before Free Comic Book Day Saturday May on May 5th.

    Kevin Gregory

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