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    Does Your Comics Reading Include Manga? [Reader Poll]

    By and | July 31st, 2015
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    In case you missed it, we have recently launched the Multiversity Manga Club – a place where, once a month, we are all going to read the same bit of manga and discuss it. This was born out of the realization that, for many of us, manga was a blind spot, both in our reading and in our site’s coverage. We wanted to correct that; but we also want to know how much manga you guys read, so we’ve created this poll. Fill it out, and then sound off in the comments!

    What are your manga reading habits?

    I have no interest in reading manga.0%
    I read some manga and/or watched anime in my youth, but haven’t had much interest in reading manga since.0%
    I don’t read manga, but there are some series I am interested in checking out.0%
    I have read a few finished manga series, but it’s very much the minority of what I read.0%
    I am currently keeping up with a few series, but only in paperbacks.0%
    I keep up with the latest chapters of multiple series by either magazines like Weekly Shonen Jump or scanlations, but I still read more western comics.0%
    I read more manga than I do western comics.0%

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