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    NYCC ’17: Lemire, Sorrentino Reteam for “Gideon Falls” at Image

    By | October 3rd, 2017
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    In an exclusive interview with CBR, writer Jeff Lemire and artist Andrea Sorrentino (“Green Arrow,” “Old Man Logan”) have announced they are collaborating together again for “Gideon Falls,” an ongoing horror series for Image Comics starting in March 2018. Dave Stewart will be coloring the book.

    The two creators explained the series follows two men in the titular area: Norton, a mentally ill young man who becomes obsessed with a conspiracy concerning the city’s garbage, and Father Fred, an older Catholic priest who recently moved to the countryside, and is starting to struggle with his faith. They become drawn together as both uncover the mystery of the Black Barn, the source of evil in the story, as well as another local urban legend. The promotional art of the city reflects Norton’s appearance, as he wears a mask to help cope with his mental frailty.

    Lemire explained that as a lapsed Catholic who grew up on a farm, it is a deeply personal series that is a reflection of his childhood fears, and his own mental struggles as a twenty-something. Much of the story and character were conceived by Lemire as a struggling artist fifteen years ago.

    This will be Lemire’s fifth creator-owned project at Image (after “Descender,” Plutonia,” “A.D. After Death” and “Royal City”), but it also be Sorrentino’s first work at the company. Sorrentino added the artwork will reflect his own mood after the loss of his parents, joking, Norton is “like our son, you know, unfortunately for him, he’s taking the worse from his two fathers.”

    For more, head on over to CBR for the creative team’s thoughts on horror, and uncolored artwork including teaser images of objects relevant to the Black Barn.

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