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    The Rundown: Post-“Secret Wars” Marvel Books, First Second’s Winter Catalogue, and more

    By | June 29th, 2015
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    Welcome back to The Rundown, our daily breakdown on comic news stories we missed from the previous day. Have a link to share? Email our team at rundown@multiversitycomics.com.

    – Marvel fans are clamoring to know what books will be appearing or reappearing after “Secret Wars” ends. Bleeding Cool speculates about the sixty or so titles they think will be announced this Wednesday. All New All Different Marvel will undoubtedly offer plenty of the same old same old.

    – First Second definitely put out some of the most interesting, engaging, and fantastic comics and graphic work right now, so seeing what they have lined up for the winter season is fairly exciting. The big one, of course, is Faith Erin Hick’s “The Nameless City Part 1,” but there’s also the fourth volume of “Last Man,” a new George O’Connor myth adaptation, and a reprint of a Sara Varon short story collection.

    – ComiXology is undoubtedly the biggest provider of digital comics, and it looks like they have an update heading our way. Bleeding Cool speculates that ComiXology 4.0 will be a sort of social media platform, where you can share your comics information and have a specific place to bond over your favorite titles. Rumor has it that ComiXology might offer a  subscription service and you can have a like Netflix level of access to comics. It’s an interesting step, but ComiXology has neither confirmed or denied any of these Bleeding Cool rumors.

    – We’re getting closer and closer to Brandon Graham and Emma Rios’s “Island” magazine, a monthly anthology featuring creatos like Michael DeForge, Farel Dalrymple (who’s continuing his “Pop Gun War” stories, so here’s hoping the first volume sees print again soon!), Kate Craig, and Marian Churchland. Graham and Rios give a really rich interview and preview of the first issue over at the AV Club, moderated by Comics and Cola’s Zainab Akhtar. I, for one, am glad another anthology magazine will soon be on the shelves.

    – Last Thursday, Sean Murphy had to cancel his apprenticeship due to unforeseen circumstances. He talks with Chris Arrant about the unfortunate event, his plans moving forward, and an upcoming OGN he’s working on with his wife (“Blood Violin”).

    – An end of an era: Top Cow is cancelling their long-running, 90s holdout, “Witchblade” this October at issue #185.

    – Panels.net offers up some of the best comics-related TED talks, including Scott McCloud, Bendis, and Karrie Fransman. They all offer unique perspectives and expectations out of the medium that you’d almost expect it was a legit literary field. (GEE.)

    – Women Write About Comics gives a definitive ranking of the best Harley Quinn costumes. Honestly, I couldn’t care less about their ordering because they got the number one spot on.

    – On our Friday reader’s poll, we asked: “Which of the announced ‘All-New, All-Different’ Marvel titles are you most excited about?” And 78% of you said Jason Aaron’s and Chris Bachalo’s “Doctor Strange.” Mahmud Asrar, Adam Kubert, and Mark Waid’s “All-New, All-Different Avengers” and “Spider-Man” by Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli also received strong representation, with 11% of you all about those titles each. Check back on Friday to participate in our next weekly poll!

    – And finally, in Webcomics Worth Clicking: Zack Soto’s “The Secret Voice” follows Dr. Galapagos, a warrior-monk, who’s trying to stop a massive war in his fantasy world. Soto’s compositions are bonkers and his character designs wild. His line work is loose and spontaneous and the adventure he creates is compelling.

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