The Next Issue Presents: Zander Cannon and Kevin Cannon

By | January 13th, 2013
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This Wednesday sees the return of Zander Cannon and Kevin Cannon’s Double Barrel magazine. Double Barrel is digital comics done right, with two ongoing stories and a ton of extra material ranging from short strips to how-to articles for budding cartoonists. The digital only magazine is available on pretty much any platform you’d want, including a DRM free PDF. And fear not! Heck and Crater XV will both get print collections this May from Top Shelf. So whatever way you like to read your funny books, The Cannons will be there for you.

[audio:http://thenextissuespecials.podomatic.com/enclosure/2013-01-13T19_33_51-08_00.mp3](Here’s a direct download of the interview!)

Kevin’s Crater XV follows arctic explorer Army Shanks, who we last adventured with in the pages of Far Arden. Army, with his new beard, has found himself wrapped up in an Arctic space race and rescuing a Mysterious woman he swears he grew up with in an orphanage. For fans of awesome sound effects, Canadian exploration, the moon, and fun.

Zander’s Heck starts off as we meet Hector, or Heck for short, right after his father dies. In tidying up his affairs, Heck discovers that his old man had an entrance to Hell down in the basement. Jump forward in time a bit and Heck, along with his newly mummified sidekick Elliot, is running a business delivering messages to folks spending their eternity down below. It all sounds like a great fun adventure, until Heck and Elliot get down there and realize that they can never seem to remember how awful their trips into Hell are.

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Mike Romeo

Mike Romeo started reading comics when splash pages were king and the proper proportions of a human being meant nothing. Part of him will always feel that way. Now he is one of the voices on Robots From Tomorrow. He lives in Philadelphia with two cats. Follow him on Instagram at @YeahMikeRomeo!


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