Make Mine Multiversity Episode 91: All of the Marvels

By and | May 20th, 2022
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Welcome Back to Mine Multiversity: A Marvel Podcast! Each episode we’ll be looking at Marvel books, old and new! We discuss fun Marvel comics, and also Marvel news, Marvel history, and occasionally: book books!

Make Mine Multiversity is a twice-monthly podcast that premieres on the first and third Friday of every month. It’s probably an easier way to get into Marvel comics than reading every single issue they’ve ever published

This is a comic book podcast and sure, there’s some talk of movies and TV shows, but a book? With no pictures!? That’s right true believers! Today’s episode is all about All of the Marvels by Douglas Wolk. The good Mr. Wolk took upon himself the great endeavor of reading every issue of a comic set in the Marvel 616 universe. Then he tried to synthesize that information into something of a coherent book. Was he successful? The two hosts can’t even agree! But the discussion that disagreement inspires is fascinating.

Still keeping up with our book club? Next time you can tune in for a discussion on the legendary “Hawkeye” comic series by Matt Fraction, David Aja, Annie Wu et al. It’s impossible to have a bad time while reading those issues! To follow along, read the first dozen issues and the first annual, and you will be right on target.

Shout off in the comment section below and get the conversation started or share them on Twitter using the hashtag #MakeMineMultiversity. Elias can be found on Twitter @Quetzelish and Jaina @Rambling_Moose.

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Jaina Hill

Jaina is from New York. She currently lives in Ohio. Ask her, and she'll swear she's one of those people who loves both Star Wars and Star Trek equally. Say hi to her on twitter @Rambling_Moose!


Elias Rosner

Elias is a lover of stories who, when he isn't writing reviews for Mulitversity, is hiding in the stacks of his library. Co-host of Make Mine Multiversity, a Marvel podcast, after winning the no-prize from the former hosts, co-editor of The Webcomics Weekly, and writer of the Worthy column, he can be found on Twitter (for mostly comics stuff) here and has finally updated his profile photo again.


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