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The Webcomics Weekly #258: Sometimes You Can’t Get Rid of a Head (11/07/2023 Edition)

By | Nov 7, 2023 | Reviews

Sunset Phoenix Episodes 1-6 Schedule: Saturdays By Chelsea Goerzen(art and story) Kristine Kim(editing) Reviewed by Michael Mazzacane “Sunset Phoenix” is the right kind of strange brew. It’s a murder mystery, with a deadline plot. It’s a faction heavy gangster setting … but with magic. There’s about 5 aesthetic and generic traditions “Phoenix” is playing in […]

Through the Woods - Featured Reviews
The Webcomics Weekly #257: Gothic Comic (10/31/2023 Edition)

By | Oct 31, 2023 | Reviews

The Webcomics Weekly is back in your life and filled with chills and thrills on this most spooky of days. We're not doing "Through the Woods," - too wintery for this most autumnal of seasons - but we are celebrating having a column out on Halloween by taking a stroll through the OTHER works of the internet's greatest horror comic creator: Emily Carroll. I'm getting chills just thinking about them.

Interview with a Webcomic: Tom Parkinson-Morgan A.K.A Abaddon Goes In-Depth on “Kill Six Billion Demons”

By | Sep 26, 2023 | Interviews

The webcomic creator is never far from their audience. Be it through social media, public email addresses, Discord servers, or simply the comments section beneath a page, there is a rapport and a conversation that is developed that is unique to the medium. We’re continuing those conversations here, albeit a little more formally, by interviewing […]


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