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raruurien - featured Reviews
The Webcomics Weekly #54: The Adventure Continues! (9/24/19 Edition)

By | Sep 24, 2019 | Reviews

The Webcomics Weekly is back, ready to bring you new comics, returning comics, and everything in-between. . .well, we try, anyway. This week, Mike continues to take a gander at a surreal and serious section of "Agents of the Realm," Gustavo returns to "Raruurien" and is brought low by beauty, Elias makes a mention of memoirs with "300 to 30" and Dexter deins to deny the destructive and diabolical power (sorry, ran out of D-words) of "Sam and Fuzzy's" character creation. Onwards, my friends, to adventure and comics!

Webcomics Weekly #52: True Beauty, Group Assignments, and Mistakes (9/10/19 Edition)

By and | Sep 10, 2019 | Reviews

Webcomics Weekly is back in your life. The column hits a major milestone, #52. If this were a certain numerically inclined publisher this is where I’d announce our big reboot (that isn’t a reboot retroactively) and a renumbering justified through a chronically late crossover. The Webcomics Weekly isn’t that way so we’ll keep the numbers […]

Tiger Tiger Petra Interview - Featured Interviews
Interview with a Webcomic: Petra Nordlund on “Tiger, Tiger,” Swashbuckling, and The Mummy…Also Eisners

By | Sep 3, 2019 | Interviews

The webcomic creator is never far from their audience. Be it through social media, public email addresses, Discord servers, or simply the comments section beneath a page, there is a rapport and a conversation that is developed that is unique to the medium. We’re continuing those conversations here, albeit a little more formally, by interviewing webcomics creators to pick their brains about craft, storytelling, and their personal experiences with the medium.

A Better Place - Featured Reviews
The Webcomics Weekly #49: You Know What’s Better than Kung Fu? Cybernetic Kung Fu. (8/20/19 Edition)

By | Aug 20, 2019 | Reviews

I bet you're wondering what the big tease last week was. Did anyone guess? Surely it wasn't a second person looking at "Order of the Stick" nor is it a look at the new comic "The Red King." Maybe it was us going on "A Nice Long Walk." It couldn't be the comic who's photo is featured and also directly below this paragraph, could it? Only if this were "A Better Place."


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