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    Multiversity Turns 5 with: A First Look at “The Rise of Aurora West” [Preview]

    By | May 5th, 2014
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    We loved Paul Pope’s “Battling Boy” around these parts, and we can almost guarantee you did too. An exciting and fun all-ages comic, the long-awaited book was a great return for Pope and a wonderful new series to follow.

    Of course, while we wait for “Battling Boy 2,” Pope has co-written a prequel with JT Petty called “The Rise of Aurora West,” illustrated by the magnificently talented David Rubin. Focusing on the daughter of Acropolis’ last great hero Haggard West, this series follows Aurora as she investigates the death of her mother and chronicles her rise as a hero in her own right, learning from her father and clashing with some of his villains before Battling Boy himself arrives in town.

    It’s the first of two planned books in the “Aurora West” companion series, and today we have your first look at six pages from the graphic novel care of First Second, which is out in September. Take a look:

    “Battling Boy: The Rise of Aurora West” is in comic shops and boo kstores everywhere September 30th, from First Second.

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    Matthew Meylikhov

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    • Matthew Garcia

      OH MAN, why do you gotta tease us so badly?!

    • Jamie Yost

      I was bummed when I initially read someone other than Pope was handling the art duties but this looks gorgeous. I almost don’t even want it to be inked and colored. Can NOT wait for this!

    • Patrick McCutcheon

      ohhh yessss. Battling Boy was absolutely my favorite read of the last year. Can’t wait for this (and to meet Pope this weekend, too!)

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