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    Smallville Review: "Savior"

    By | September 27th, 2009
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    That one’s for the ladies. Isn’t he dreamy?

    Since it’s September, that means there’s another season of Smallville is starting up. I’ve been a loyal viewer of the show since its inception in 2001, along it’s ups and downs. And while I was dreading the show continuing, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun the show was again.

    As I said, I’ve been watching for a loooong time, but I wouldn’t say I’ve been enjoying it for the last couple of seasons. There were some bright spots, like Geoff Johns writing the best episode in the past two years, but overall it’s been quite painful. It’s still called Smallville, but 90% of the series takes place in Metropolis. Clark doesn’t fly, but any other Kryptonian who comes to Earth can. Lex Luthor went from a brilliantly conflicted villain into Snidely Whiplash. Thankfully most of these were addressed. Not entirely to my satisfaction, but I can let that go.

    First of all, let’s give a quick recap of the finale. Davis Bloom was separated from Doomsday, but the human in him killed Jimmy Olsen(WHAT?!) and was then dispatched by everyone’s favorite non-alien brainiac, Chloe Sullivan. Lois picked up the Legion ring that Clark possessed and disappeared, presumably traveling into the far future. We saw Jimmy’s funeral(which was his middle name, BTW), where he was laid to rest, and learned something important, there was another Jimmy Olsen that had the signature red hair and bow tie that we were all used to. And Clark, racked with guilt over the death of Olsen, said goodbye to his humanity and disappeared.

    and now we’re in Season 9. I don’t want to give a total recap of the episode because it I do think it should be seen. There are plenty of surprises, like the appearance of the future Metallo, John Corben, played by everyone’s favorite rapping resident of Beverly Hills, Brian Austin Green. Only instead of a petty criminal, he’s a new reporter for the Daily Planet, replacing the absent Clark Kent, right next to Lois, who is not amused. We even get a teaser that he will become Metallo sooner rather than later. I’m actually a bit psyched for that.

    And while we had a phantom General Zod in season five, we meet a younger Zod here, a Major Zod. Here he’s played by Callum Blue, better known from his stint on the much loved Showtime program, Dead Like Me. Callum has some pretty big shoes to fill. and I’d say he fills them adequately. He has a similar cadence as the original General Zod, as played by the terrific Terrence Stamp.

    Coincidentally enough, Stamp is also on the show, playing Zod’s adversary on Krypton, Jor-El. Here he gives Clark advice in the Fortress of Solitude on how to come into his powers. While we’re on the subject, it really has bothered me how Clark has not been able to fly while other Kryptonians who just get their powers can fly all of a sudden. Kara Zor-El and even a Zod-possessed Lex could fly. So why can’t he? The answer is that he still thinks of himself as human, and it limits his abilities somewhat. While I’m a little skeptical of that bit of information, I do admit it’s kind of cool now that I remember flight was not a part of his original power set, it was “leaping tall buildings in a single bound.” Which he CAN do with ease. I can also kind of understand the title of the show still, seeing as how Lois regularly refers to Clark as the town from which he hails, which is “Smallville.”

    Continued below

    Speaking of Clark, it is nice to see some character progression on his part. While before he was justin the right place/right time to save people, he’s now actively searching for ways to help. He’s patrolling Metropolis at night in black and leaving his mark, striking fear int–wait, what? Is this Gotham now? That left me all sorts of confused, but like I said, he’s growing into the hero he needs to be.

    There are a few things I’d like more clarification on, like…where is Kara? She’s been gone for almost a season now, and there hasn’t been a peep from her since. Why does Oliver Queen need to be his own Tyler Durden(while technically, we’re all our own Tyler Durden, but still…)?

    I’m actually really excited for this season, and even Geoff’s upcoming episode most likely called “Society,” as he’s introducing the JSA into the Smallville Universe. And oddly enough, we’re getting a modern take on The Wonder Twins with everyone’s new favorite geek it-girl, Allison Scagliotta from Warehouse 13, as Jayna. There’s also a time Travel storyarc this season, and while I’m not usually a fan of time travel, this is done in a way that doesn’t overly confuse me. It actually sets up a potentially kick ass storyline with Zod and hos army of non-powered Kryptonians. I would say more, but I think that if you’re like me, and you’ve been watching, you should continue. If you haven’t, at least watch it online to get an idea of if you want to watch the series.

    Final Verdict: Check it out. One hour can’t hurt.

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