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    Five Thoughts on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s “From the Ashes”

    By | July 28th, 2019
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    Well, we’re certainly starting to get some answers now. Sarge is unlocking his true self, Izel is about to open a gateway to her home plane, and… actually, that about sums it up. So let’s take a look at the latest episode and see where this is heading.

    1. Remember Me…

    As we saw last episode, some of Sarge’s memories have been taking shape. Those shapes just happen to be Daisy, May, and presumably the rest of S.H.I.E.L.D. Suffice to say, this provides him with a little bit of an identity crisis.

    We see it start to come through as Sarge calls Daisy “Skye,” a name she hasn’t used for quite a few seasons. It’s a good callback to the past of the show, and signals that he is gaining (or maybe regaining) Coulson’s memories.

    Now the question is: will this be used as a way to revive Coulson once again, albeit without the last few weeks of his life and with all of Sarge’s memories? How will this play out in terms of his identity and role on the team? It’s a tricky spot to be in, but we’ll see where the show is going with it.

    2. Daisy vs May

    Given that Sarge is starting to remember things from Coulson’s life, Daisy and May have very different opinions on how to handle it. May, in spite of her previous desire to kill Sarge and insistence that she just wants to let Coulson rest in peace, seems focused on having him regain Coulson’s memories. She may view it as a way of getting him back, although even Sarge insists that he’s “not the cure for [her] loneliness.”

    On the other hand, we have Daisy, who’s more focused on waking up the power in Sarge that’s not connected to Coulson, so that they can use it to stop Izel. She’s focused on bringing that out so intensely that she’s willing to kill the constantly-healing Sarge as many times as it takes, and then when it works… she goes to kill him for good, because what do you know – it backfired.

    But it’s good to see the characters bounce and react off each other. There’s some good moments as we see them disagree, including May remembering the good ol’ days when Daisy was her subordinate.

    3. Reopening Old Wounds

    While seeing Sarge and his Coulson-idenity-issues opens up a lot of emotional turmoil for Daisy and May, it’s nothing compared to what Dr. Benson has to deal with. Izel uses the creation powers of the monoliths (because apparently the only thing humans can imagine to create with it are their fears, for some reason) to bring back Benson’s deceased husband, Thomas.

    Suffice to say, it does not go well, as the illusory Thomas claims that he could hear Benson decide to pull the plug and smell the alcohol on him (in spite of being brain dead at the time). It’s emotionally devastating, and the actors do a fine job delivering the scene.

    Then we get the fear/creation monolith as it’s used on Mack and Yo-Yo, creating… wait, is that Flint?

    4. Deke Does Something

    After being brought back into the show, Deke has mostly been one step behind his grandparents. His contributions to their conversations have primarily been parroting and agreeing with whatever they say, to the point where his purpose in the episode seems pretty minimal.

    Then, he actually does something smart. He pieces together that Izel’s possession abilities are based on a resonant frequency, and the knives Sarge and his men used disrupt that frequency. It’s nice to see characters pulling their weight, and since it’s a little outside the usual specialties of Fitz and Simmons, it makes sense that they were struggling to determine that.

    So hey, credit given where it’s due, Deke isn’t being a total deadweight right now.

    5. Meanwhile, Back in Space

    I occasionally find myself wondering what’s going on with the Chronicoms, especially Enoch and his team. Well, we don’t know about that last part yet, but we now see that the Chronicom hunters have decided that time travel is not the best solution. Instead, they’re opting for conquering another planet to make into Chronica-3. After, of course, a murderous coup; for a group that claims to be super logical, they sure do have a lot of murder disagreements.

    Continued below

    Which planet will they target? Who knows. Probably Earth. In fact, almost certainly Earth.

    But maybe we’ll see what Enoch is up to soon.

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