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    Five Thoughts on Baccano!‘s “Isaac and Miria Unintentionally Spread Happiness Around Them”

    By | July 3rd, 2017
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    We’re back from the past, we get to follow around the somehow best and worst duo of robbers ever as they show why they’re some of the best characters in this show. Let’s look.

    1. Master Robbers and Thieves

    This episode gives us a bit of background to Isaac and Miria, or rather their criminal past. Throughout Baccano!, they’ve come off as the comedic relief, more bumblers than the more vicious characters like Ladd and Dallas. However, as we learn here, up to the 1930 plotline, they have committed over eighty robberies all throughout the country! And like their exploits in the series, they’d employee a series of hijinks, including dressing up like Charlie Chaplin, Mummies and Native Americans. One such crime was they stole the doors off a museum. In the novels, they did this because they wanted to prevent people from entering the museum… which kind of makes sense when you think about it because stealing them would cause a police investigation which would probably close the museum for a day.

    Isaac and Miria are weird.

    2. The Power of Positivity

    And yet, they’re are also the purest characters in this show. Like, with them, there is little to no hidden motive. This can be seen as making them flat characters, and that perhaps is a criticism one can make, but I wouldn’t. Yeah, they’re thieves, but they are good people. They aren’t mafiosos, they’re not immoral and immortal alchemists, they’re not demons. Their positive outlooks and upbeat natures hide nothing and that makes them such good foils for so many characters in this series. It’s only fitting that they have such prominence in each storyline.

    3. This Really Is One of the Most Heartwarming Episodes

    Case in point: the title of this episode is really accurate. Between boosting Jacuzzi’s confidence, listening to Eve’s troubles (and yes, we learn in this episode the reason that Dallas is so desperate for money is because the Genoard fortune had been stolen… my Isaac and Miria) and assuring Ennis that one misdeed does not have to define you, it really is a series of good moments that help push along several characters in their development. It goes to show that sometimes we just need someone to listen and give us an assurance and helping hand every now and again.

    4. Jacuzzi the Crying Badass

    Speaking of Jacuzzi, his pep talk from Isaac and Miria (which involved them comparing what’s going on aboard the train with Romance of the Three Kingdoms and managed to get Billy the Kid mixed in the story too. Again, Isaac & Miria = Weird), we learn about why the Russo’s were after Jacuzzi before the incident on the train. It turns out, the Russo’s killed a couple of people in Jacuzzi’s gang. And as such, the kid went and knocked over eighteen speakeasies in one night, all while crying throughout it. And this is the episode where we finally see the young man focus and put aside the tears. They’re going to save the passengers from the lemures, Ladd’s goons and even the Rail Tracer itself. Kick some ass, you badly-named beaut!

    5. Oh Hey, Dallas Had a Nice Moment

    Wow. A moment (in Eve’s flashback) actually showed Dallas as not a horrid person. He does generally care for Eve and we get to see them interact just after the Genoard mansion had been robbed. It goes south quickly, but it does provide a spark that there is something in Dallas worth saving. This motivates Eve in the present to begin her escape from captivity, with some unknowing help. Who this person is, we don’t know just yet, but the plots are moving. Jacuzzi’s gang are ready to be heroes, Ennis is slowly coming to a realization and the Elixir is making its way to its final destination.

    Also, next week, we find out what the Rail Tracer is. Byyyyyyyyye!

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