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    Five Thoughts on Baccano!‘s “Randy and Pecho Are Busy Getting Ready for the Party”

    By | May 31st, 2017
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    The train’s away. The hunt is on. The bodies begin to pile up. Baccano! continues onward.

    1. The Genoards

    The stories that take place in 1930, 1931 and 1932 all intertwine, so we see characters that duck and weave throughout. And I have to be honest, if I had to pick the weakest characters, it’s the Genoard siblings, Dallas and Eve. The children of the now dead Genoard Crime Family, it’s really hard to feel engaged to them. Dallas himself becomes very important in the 1930 storyline but he is just so unlikeable asshat. Brash, arrogant, loud, inept and -spoiler alert- he doesn’t change or grow throughout the series. As for Eve? Well, she is the central character in the 1932 storyline as she’s searching for the missing Dallas… she’s kinda boring? Like, she’s a sweet, shy girl trying to find her big brother but when you compare her to nearly every other character in this show, she’s just very flat.

    2. Ennis. Just Ennis.

    The 1930 storyline introduces the other character outside of Firo that could be considered the (again, using this loosely) “protagonist”, the mysterious woman Ennis. When Firo bumps into her, literally, at the scene of a fire (accidentally caused by the titular characters Randy and Pecho, two Martillo family associates), it is almost love at first sight (well, maybe more so from Firo’s side, but even then, inferred). While we are kept with scant details on Ennis right now, it is a grasping introduction, played cooly by voice actress Brina Palencia. If that name sounds familiar, she would go on to play Rei Ayanami in the Rebuild of Evangelion english dubs and this feels almost an audition for that. Both Rei and Ennis are low-key when it comes to emotions, first portrayed as mysterious and, we’ll learn later, not exactly human. The character gets a good start here, but the best is yet to come for her.

    3. The Makings of Immortality

    That fire I discussed? This is what actually begins the story of the bootlegged Elixir of Life that was being researched/refined in the warehouse that went ablaze, with only two bottles of the finished product surviving. And it gets into the hands of Dallas Genoard, who doesn’t even realize what he has. See? Told you Dallas would be important.

    4. Isaac and Miria Are The Weird Heart of this Series

    Back on the 1931 storyline, the Lemures, the Russo goons and Jacuzzi’s gang begin their attacks on the Flying Pussyfoot and it brings us to a funny moment when each of the gangs tries to hold up the dining car, telling the passengers to either, put the hands in the air, get down on the ground or don’t move. The thing is, each order comes from a different robber and the all the passengers are incredibly confused. All except for two, Isaac and Miria who immediately do all three! It’s a silly little gag, and just goes to show how endearing the two are.

    5. Shockingly Thin

    Yeah, something I only came to realize with this rewatch, this episode is actually incredibly decompressed. When the last scene of Jacuzzi discovering the bloodbath that occurred in the conductor’s compartment, the episode comes to its end and it surprised me. Maybe it’s because the last two episodes had All The Things happening and we finally get to slow down but it did surprise me. Still, everything is moving steadily now, setting up for the chaos, especially next week, when we get to talk about the Villains.

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