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Five Thoughts On Gen V‘s “Guardians of Godolkin”

By | November 15th, 2023
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Hello, Multiversity readers! If you haven’t been following in Boomb Tube, well, catch up because it’s recap time for the finale of Gen V. Things have been getting crazy for our cast, Dean Shetty is now gone; the disease is MIA, The Woods is on the verge of being exposed and Marie and the crew are the ones left to try and figure it all out. So, let’s jump right into “Guardians of Godlkin.”

1. Time For A Revolution

After Cate takes out Dean Shetty and finds out that the pills she was being given weren’t to help control her powers but more to put them in check, she dumps them and is now uncontrollable. Knowing that Shetty was close to making a disease that could take out all Supes, she decided to strike first and lead an all-out attack on Godolkin University. Her soldiers, also with Sam, are the ones who were being imprisoned in The Woods, so you already know they’ve got some strong reasons for their anger. Marie and the others try to reason with Cate to keep her calm, but without the power-dampener pills and being too scared to get within touching distance, they can’t do much to stop her without killing her.

2. His Results

In the previous episode, we saw Andre’s Dad have a stroke live on television and be rushed to the hospital. At the same time, his powers went haywire due to his inability to control them. He reached there safely, thanks to Andre keeping the ambulance in one piece during the ride there. The doctors inform Andre that it’s his powers that have burnt a hole in his brain and have been caused by all the usage of his magnetic powers throughout his career. At this point, there was no treatment to stop it from happening just for his remaining days. While Andre is reeling from this new information, the doctor starts asking if he’s had any feelings of lightheadedness after using his powers, and if so, he needs to be tested and x-rayed in case it’s happening to him, too. Instead of listening and getting examined, Andre receives information about what’s happening on campus and leaves, but not before his dad gives him a speech about taking up the Polarity mantle.

3. “Feel Nothing”

Sam begins his destructive mission around God U by entering the acting part of campus with the former director of “Dawn of The Seven” and is ready to snap his neck. That is before Emma finds him and tries to talk him down. She manages to get Sam to let go of the director, but then he snaps at her by telling her she isn’t a real hero and everything she’d done had only been for selfish reasons rather than the greater good. Sam finds Cate and asks her to remove all his feelings so he feels nothing and can focus on the mission. Cate quickly obliges, and Sam can reach the “next level” she needs for him to destroy anything and everything in his way without having a second thought. Sam, similar to Cate, has been holding back since he got out of The Woods because he does know how destructive he can be with the equal strength, if not more, of Golden Boy.

4. New Abilities Unlocked

Cate wasn’t the only one who had recently learned about her powers; Marie figured out she could detect the Supe gene in people’s bodies after conversing with Victoria Neuman. This, of course, comes into play in this finale when Cate mind-controls Maverick, the invisible R.A., and he proves to be as formidable as he has been “weird” throughout the show. (Which is saying something) She uses this new power to detect Maverick in an open field by detecting his blood and finding out where he is. Marie manages to knock him out of the fight but returns to an old favorite when she blows up Cate’s hands after she nearly takes control of Jordan. This ends up being the ultimate move since nobody wants to kill Cate; the best option would be to directly take her powers from her hands.

5. Wait A Minute

Right after Cate’s hand blows off and she’s screaming in pain, guess who comes in to save the day? You thought, Homelander! He flies down as softly as ever and looks around, annoyed at this point, and laser eyes…Marie. The next scene is a special news report update about the attack on Godolkin University by the “Guardians of Godolkin,” AKA Marie, Andre, Emma, and Jordan. While the ones to truly stop them were Cate and Sam? I understand Cate because she was under their finger the whole time, but throwing Sam into the mix was a twist I couldn’t have guessed. The others end up in a closed-off room of a hospital and seemingly shut away from the world until they comply with Vaught or another significant wig entity. It’s ridiculous and wild but not too utterly shocking, given what we’ve learned to know about this series. There’s a nice little Easter Egg at the end, with Billy Butcher examining the remnants of The Woods, showing that maybe we won’t have to wait too long for some more crossover moments.

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