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    Five Thoughts on Jessica Jones‘s “A.K.A. Hellcat”

    By | August 26th, 2019
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    It’s a weird week to be reviewing Jessica Jones. I mean, weird is a relative term for me at this point. I have a notable producer/writer brandishing a knife who has been occupying my favorite chair for several weeks. That’s a thing most people don’t normally have to deal with. I guess we all deal with difficult situations in our own ways. Mine has been to continue giving you my take on this show. So here we go. Beware of spoilers and beware the Buck. Here’s five thoughts on “A.K.A. Hellcat.”

    1. A Quintessential Dorothy Story

    This episode really fleshes out the backstory of Dorothy and Trish. It actually makes for some of the most interesting character beats from this season. The interactions between a very young Trish and her mother help to give context to their relationship. I hate to continue bemoaning that this show has killed off one of its best love-to-hate characters, but “A.K.A. Hellcat” hits all the right beats when it comes to one Dorothy Walker.

    My arm itches. Wonder if a spider bit me. This is Tennessee, after all.

    Anyway, seeing a young Trish navigate stardom under the tutelage of her mother is a highlight of “A.K.A. Hellcat” and really makes one wonder why this season has dragged along so much. These scenes make up for the meandering installments that preceded them. They don’t glorify Dorothy, they show her to be the shitheel she is. But it manages to make her sympathetic–to a degree–and makes Trish’s campaign for vengeance make sense.

    Please stop staring at me, Scott. I’m doing my best.

    You’re doing fine. Continue.

    2. Bloodlust

    We had it hinted last episode that Nussbaumer had actually been killed by Trish, with the stinger showing her brutally beating Jace Montero in the closing moments. Trish seems to be in the thrall of a bloodlust, believing herself to be in the right, but unable to stop herself from doing wrong as she sees Sallinger in her victims’ visages. As I type these words I glance over at Buck. He stares back, but seems to care little for the comparison I am trying to make. We keep eye contact for a short time, until I feel a need to scratch that little spot in the crook of my elbow again.

    3. Oh, Erik

    It’s disappointing to see the burger guy turn out to be aiding Trish in her misdeeds. There’s been so much potential between the both of them to fight for the greater good but–

    But they don’t fit your headcanon, Scott Buck interrupts from the corner. He occupies my favorite chair. That’s the one I love to sit in at night, under the standing lamp and reading a novel. I haven’t been able to do that for weeks.

    Scott, I’m doing my best to be objective.

    Your best isn’t objective enough.

    4. Basically a Clip-Show

    This episode basically follows the threads we didn’t see in the fabric of previous episodes. Trish has been playing a game that Jess wasn’t privy to. It is interesting to see Jess be in the dark, though that’s not necessarily new for her character.

    That’s that nit-picking we talked about. Aren’t you tired of being so overly-critical?

    I’m a critic, Scott. That’s my job.

    But you’ve been so harsh on Melissa’s work these last few weeks. Don’t you feel guilty in the least bit?

    I scratch my arm again. I ask Scott what he wants, and why he is here.

    I’m here to make sure you see this series through to its end. It’s important.

    Okay, Scott. Sure

    5. Hellishly Intriguing

    “A.K.A. Hellcat” is actually one, if not the best installments of Jessica Jones. It offers mystery, action, and great performances from its cast. If this entire season had operated at the level of quality this week’s presentation did, perhaps I wouldn’t have an imposing figure staring at me from the corner of my living room. Perhaps my arm wouldn’t be itching around what looks like an injection point. Perhaps the room wouldn’t be spinning. Perhaps my fingers wouldn’t feel heavy striking these keysssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    No worries. Scott here. Dexter will be back next week to review “A.K.A. A Whole Lotta Worms.” I promise you. Nothing short of the moon impacting the earth and our impending destruction will stop him. But we’re going to let him sleep for now. He’s going to need that rest to think about the final two episodes of this series. Join us next week. It should be very interesting.

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