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    Five Thoughts on The Flash’s “Gone Rogue”

    By | May 1st, 2019
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    Hi folks! Welcome back to our weekly recap of The Flash. This week’s episode is named “Gone Rogue” and it took a lot of elements of this last season, to bring some threads to a close befor the season finale, let’s dive right in.

    1. Following up on this season’s threads

    While recovering from Nora’s disappearance, and preparing stuff to try to find her, Cisco gives back The Book of Ralph, which opened some conversations in this episode. Sherloque tries to make Cisco tell her girlfriend that he is a meta, which he avoids during this episode, while they were kidnapped (which by the way, déjà vu), Sherloque tells him that maybe he doesn’t want to tell Kamilla the truth because it’s a truth we doesn’t want anymore.

    The big story of this season for Cisco has been his developing of a cure for any meta that doesn’t want to be so, and Sherloque thinks that the reason for Cisco’s mission is because he is not satisfied with the hero life; you know, getting almost killed for around four years takes a toll on the desire to be a superhero.

    Then later on the episode, he used again his powers to save his life, which, you know, it’s great to have powers and not being dead! We’ll see what happens with Cisco, probably on the season finale, will he see the best things of being a hero and keep the mantle? Or is he going to be one of the first metas to take the cure?

    2. Nora’s plan

    The West-Allen girl is back in town (and year) and she has a shady plan, what is in her mind? Well, first she breaks into an Architect firm named after Gail Simone, and steals the plans for a super-secret facility that they built.

    Later, while robbing Spin’s phone, she confronts her dad, and she acts like an adolescent, influenced by the negative speedforce, yelling at his father for leaving her in the future, as if Barry hadn’t a good reason to do it. At first, I said “oh, this is going to be another episode in which my recap/review includes a rant about this character”, but I’m going to restrain, because she got a little payback and the problem resolved later on the episode.

    3. Caitlin and Ralph

    While the rest of the team deals with Nora, Caitlin and Ralph went to Thomas Snow’s facility, to investigate who broke in and what do they stole. While in there, Ralph gives her a pamphlet with the “27 steps to a better mourning”, to try to help Killer Frost’s sadness.

    Then, being the excellent friend that she is, Caitlin choices to help Dibny’s morale instead of focusing the conversation in her dead father, she tells him that he will soon meet a girl that loves him, and that he is worthy. Looking at Ralph’s face while talking to her I thought “OMG, he likes her!” so, when he rejects her and she reacts disgusted, I laughed my ass off, seriously, it’s little moments between characters what makes this show so great.

    4. Young Rogues

    In order to accomplish her mission, XS recruits some bad guys, creating a new Rogues gallery (the second this season). Bug-Eyed Bandit, Ragdoll and Weather Witch are the new team, and after some bonding moments between them and Nora, they go for their final loot, only to be betrayed by the bad guys, how could they?

    Well honestly, I loved the interaction between the bad guys and Nora, mainly Reina Hardesty, who steals the spotlight with her acting, I preised her before and I will do it again, you can tell that he enjoys her role as Wheather Witch, and seeing her on screen with Ragdoll and the other members of the Young Rogues and their great chemistry made me think that a villain show might be a good idea for next year: after the ending of Arrow they could make a show around young actors and I would watch it.

    5. Forgiveness

    Of course, after being betrayed and almost losing her life, team Flash go to her rescue, proving her that her parents care about her, and they won’t let her go to the dark path like how it happened to Thawne.

    Continued below

    At the end of the episode, she is back again with her parents, and she reveals what she went after: an atomizer gun to destroy Cicada’s dagger once and for all, proving that she did not really turn evil, she only embraced her negative feelings to be able to enter the negative speedforce, and help bring Cicada down. And the family is back together again.

    BONUS: At the end of the episode, they reveal that Cicada II stole all the cure prototypes, which means that she will create an anti-meta virus to kill every meta in the city, all this while hallucinating about her uncle?

    And that’s it for this episode, overall, it was a great one, featuring a lot of plot lines from all the season, perfectly setting up everything for a great season finale. What did you think of this one? Leave your comments below and join us next week for our take on the penultimate episode of the season, “The Girl with the Red Lightning” (521).

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