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    Five Thoughts on The Flash‘s “Nora”

    By | October 10th, 2018
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    Hi folks! The Flash is back with its fifht season and we are all excited to talk about it. After the events from last season, the last scene introduced that mysterious character that made cameos in some episodes. Turns out she’s called Nora, and she is the daughter of Barry Allen and Iris West. She also is a speedster named XS, which is sooo tacky… lets get right in:

    1. Let’s not make jokes about the band INXS

    This season began with the classic narration that works as a recap page in a comic, but now, it’s Nora who presents the series. I liked that detail, it’s not the first time that another character does the intro, but I thought it was a cool way to present the newest series-regular character while keeping a trademark trope.

    This episode started right where “We Are The Flash” ended, that made me think it was clearly written for the returning fans, because there’s not much introduction to anybody, while a new watcher can catch up with the dialogue, I don’t think its very expositive. This has its pros and cons, as a regular fan, I’m happy that I don´t have to be forced to watch an episode that tries to recap everything, but it’s not ideal to bring in new fans.

    2. “We have been lied to before”. On trusting Nora

    You know, the way XS was introduced during season 4 made me instantly doubt her; appearing everywhere Flash team went, presenting herself as a mysterious girl, just passing by, come on! That’s the way you introduce a character that “turns out she has been evil all along”, and we have already seen that, multiple times.

    So, instead of dreading her all season long, waiting for her to turn her back on the heroes, we got a better explanation to the reason she is in the present: she simply wants to meet her father (and maybe reconnect with her mom?), which leads us to:

    A fan made poster, popular on Twitter.
    Wouldn't it be cool?

    3. “The Flash vanishes in Crisis”

    The best part of The Flash is when we see a glimpse of what’s coming: Barry has been gone for 25 years in the future, and if that 2024 newspaper is telling the truth, we might have a “Crisis on Infinite Earths”, of course I would love a multiplatform event, like that popular fan made poster –and they have the time to make it happen–, but let’s be real here, that’s definitely not an option. At least we might have something interesting coming to the Arrowverse.

    Also, speaking of the future, now they owe us a “King Shark vs Grodd” episode.

    4. Gridlock

    I wasn’t disappointed on how they handled Gridlock, he’s the first villain of the season, he is there is for the heroes to show their abilities, and nothing much more. I mean, it was a generic villain, but at least he served to advance the plot.

    We got to see how the relationship between Nora and Barry is going to be. I like that he repeated the speech from the first Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne, showing that he’s learning from his past, but also that he’s capable of teaching future generations.

    The cliffhanger scene for this episode introduces this season main villain, Cicada. He’s an obscure, Wally West-era character that appeared on a few issues, beginning on #171 in 2001; I know nothing about him, but Wikipedia says he has a cult and kills people that Flash saved, so I guess it’s going to make an interesting storyline.

    5. All the other characters

    Well, this episode –obviously– focused on Barry and Nora, so, what have all the other characters been up to?

    It seems that Cecile got to keep her mind-reading abilities, or maybe it’s the baby?, it wasn’t cleared up, but I think Brian is going to be happy with this plot. Joe was hiding to get some sleep. Cisco was drunk and then hungover. Wally is encouraged to return to Legends of Tomorrow. Iris struggled to communicate with her daughter, which surely is going to be explored through the season. And the main thing: It seems that Ralph discovered that Caitlin’s dad is alive, and he might help bring Killer Frost back.

    Continued below

    BONUS. Let’s not talk about Flash’s new suit

    I mean, we finally have the beloved Costume Ring, but its so… weird, his head looks big! It’s the ugliest uniform he has ever wore.

    And that’s it for this episode, overall, it didn’t feel like a season premiere, but I’m excited to have The Flash back. So, join us every Tuesday and let your comments on this episode below. See you in a week with episode 502, “Blocked”!


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