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Five Thoughts on Young Justice‘s “Revelation”

By | August 16th, 2017
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Welcome back to our summer binge of Young Justice as we climb the hump and enter the second half of the season and things begin to heat up. This episode we finally meet The Light and get a look at the Injustice League, and a Joker worse than Leto’s. Let’s dive in!

1. The Injustice League

The episode starts with an attack on Metropolis, and soon on other subsequent DCU cities, by plants jacked up on Kobra Venom being controlled by a group calling themselves the Injustice League (although Batman gets a Secret Society of Super-Villains jab in). The group claims to be the Light and consists of Count Vertigo, Black Adam, Ultra-Humanite, Poison Ivy, Wotan, Atomic Skull, and the Joker. Not a bad evil team, definitely spanning fairly well a multitude of corners of the DC world. I always love seeing villains that normally wouldn’t interact or fight other heroes have to do so, so in that respect, this is really cool. The comic side of the DCU should really take note and crack down on villain teams instead of just focusing on antihero villains like the Suicide Squad.

What I don’t get, is this particular group acting as lackeys, or seeming lackey-like, particularly Ivy and Adam, both villains, or anti-heroes in some cases, that in recent years have gotten much better treatment. It seems like a waste really, like they needed a few A-listers, but still wanted Vertigo in charge. The other issue is the convenience and their motive. Asking for $10 billion seems too easy, but hey I guess in crisis it seems easier to make the connections. Also, Atomic Skull’s costume sucks, and him and Ultra-Humanite, and Adam never talk, which is odd.

2. Fun League team-ups and cameos

So Batman sends the team to take on the Injustice League while the Justice League fights off the plants on multiple fronts. The cameos and team-ups in this episode are amazing. The best one, in my opinion, is Captain Marvel, Batman, and Zatara in Gotham. I love how this show gives Zatara (Zatanna’s father) a role on the League and makes him a full blown hero. It’s a thing the comics should follow suit with as I don’t know that I’ve ever really seen him in a significant role in a comic book. Only Zatanna. This show really does well with the mystical DCU.

Other notables include Blue Devil, Flash, and Captain Atom fighting at a nuclear plant, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, Rocket, and Icon in Paris, and Green Arrow, Red Arrow, Black Canary, Guy Gardner, and Plastic Man in Star City. Love me some Plas. Also if I haven’t said it before, the way the computer recognizes the League will forever be hella cool. “Recognize, Batman 02.” I love they all get a number.

3. Joker succkkkssssss

Now for the ugly, this Joker sucks. Not even Brent Spiner can make him enjoyable. I love Spiner, and Data is one of my favorite The Next Generation characters. We’ve had this conversation on this site a handful of times, but DC really in some ways has a Joker problem, and doesn’t know how to recreate the iconic nature of the character in the 21st century. They just make him darker and crazier, which sometimes works, but most of the time gets you with a psycho cutting his face off. Anarchy doesn’t have to be dark and gritty, it can be hilarious. This Joker claims to have multiple personality disorder, and has some fourth wall breaking powers, and suffers a similar lackey fate as Ivy and Adam. All characteristics that really don’t mesh here. The guy’s just not a team player. But he’s better than what Tom King has going right now…

4. Plan B

At the end of the fight Aquaman breaks out what he dubs plan b, which is the Helmet of Fate he’s brought along in a duffle bag. Things like this is why this show works. The first time I watched I remember this moment being completely unexpected, more so than what we’ll talk about next. Kaldur then goes toe-to-toe with Wotan while the rest of the team holds off the Injustice League til the Justice League arrives. It’s really awesome, and also suspenseful as we remember that Nabu, the Lord of Order inhabiting the helmet, almost didn’t let Wally go a few episodes ago. Something tells me, as magical as this show gets, we’ll see the helmet again and it won’t be pretty.

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5. The Light stands revealed

Finally, we learn at the end of the episode that the Injustice League were the B-team fall guys for the main Light team (shocker). This main group will be the main villains going forward with the likes of big DCU heavy hitters. We have Vandal Savage, Queen Bee, Lex Luthor, Ra’s al Guhl, Ocean Master, Klarion the Witch Boy, and the Brain. These are Justice League level villains for the most part. It’s about to get real.

That’s all we got this week, sound off in the comments below and check back next week as Zatanna (one of my favorite DC characters ever) joins the team!

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