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NYCC ’19: Todd Nauck Hops on the Satellite of Love

By | November 20th, 2019
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New York City Comic Con may have happened more than a month ago but Multiversity Comics’s coverage of the East Coast’s largest comics and pop culture event is just getting going. Multiversity sent 14 of our staff to the event this year for interviews, panel reports, and more so expect lots more to come over the next few weeks. This way, even if you couldn’t make it yourself, you can still see the con through our eyes.

In the not too distant future … well, actually not too distant past, “Spider-Man” and “Deadpool” artist Todd Nauck took a trip on the Satellite of Love drawing Dark Horse Comics’s “Mystery Science Theater 3000” miniseries. He sat down at NYCC with Social Media Manager Kate Kosturski to talk about his favorite MST3K eras and sketches, his love of all things Spider-Man, and what a Deadpool children’s book would look like.


Thanks to Todd for talking the time to chat at NYCC. You can follow him on Twitter at @ToddNauck and find the “MST3K” trade in finer comic shops everywhere.

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Kate Kosturski

Kate Kosturski is your Multiversity social media manager, a librarian by day and a comics geek...well, by day too (and by night). Kate's writing has also been featured at PanelxPanel, Women Write About Comics, and Geeks OUT. She spends her free time spending too much money on Funko POP figures and LEGO, playing with yarn, and rooting for the hapless New York Mets. Follow her on Twitter at @librarian_kate.


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