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    NYCC ’18: Cave Pictures Publishing Unveils 2019 Launch Slate

    By | October 4th, 2018
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    At The Hollywood Reporter, a new publisher named Cave Pictures Publishing have unveiled five debut titles launching from January 2019. These are:

    – “Appalachian Apocalypse,” written by Billy Tucci (“Shi,” “Fallen Angel”) with art by Ethan Nicolle (“Chumble Spuzz,” “Axe Cop”). This follows a husband-and-wife duo battling the undead in 19th century Appalachia.

    – “The Light Princess,” adapted by Meredith Finch (“Wonder Woman,” “Xena: Warrior Princess”) with art by Renae De Liz and Ray Dillon (“The Legend of Wonder Woman”) from the fairy tale of the same name by George MacDonald. It tells the story of a princess who is literally so light that she cannot touch the ground.

    – “The No-Ones,” written by Jim Krueger (“Justice”) and illustrated by Norwegian artist Well-Bee. It tells the story of “a team of superheroes, blinded by their fame and self-promotion, [who] are forced to reckon with their destructive choices when a twist of fate erases them from both history and present memory.”

    – “The Blessed Machine,” written by Jesse Hamm (“Batman ’66,” “Hawkeye”) and Cave Pictures founder Mark Rodgers, with Hamm on art. The synopsis reads, “Locked in a city deep within the earth, a courageous few struggle to reach the surface, fighting not only against the minds and flesh of men but against their man-made minders.”

    – “Wylde,” by writer/artist Daniel Bradford (“Heavy Metal,” “KING!”). Another undead Wild West tale, this sees a mysterious masked lawman and a suspicious sheriff teaming up to protect a frontier town.

    Founded last year, Cave Pictures Publishing is a project by The Clapham Group, a think-tank named after the sect founded by British abolitionist William Wilberforce, who describe themselves as “working to address modern-day injustices and promote the common good.”

    In the interview with the Reporter, Cave Pictures publisher and founder Mark Rodgers, and president Mandi Hart, describe their titles as tailored to an “under-served market for the ‘spiritual but not religious’ within the comics community; people who are exploring the non-material aspects of themselves and the world, separate from any specific religion or faith tradition. Their quest is theological, philosophical, but it involves the heart and soul at least as much as it involves the mind.”

    The group also announced a preview comic featuring an adaptation of Plato’s Cave by Jason Brubaker (“reMind,” “Sithrah”). For more on these titles, and early artwork, head on over to the Reporter.

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