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    The Rundown: June 14, 2018

    By | June 14th, 2018
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    Welcome back to The Rundown, our daily breakdown on comic news stories we missed from the previous day. Have a link to share? Email our team at rundown@multiversitycomics.com.

    In case you missed it, “Batman” writer Tom King will cover superhero mental health, in new DC Comics event “Heroes in Crisis,” Sina Grace and Nathan Stockman (“Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows”) are bringing back “Iceman,” and Joye Murchison Kelly and Dorothy Wollfolk will receive the 2018 Bill Finger Award. We also talked to Frank Teri about AfterShock’s “Pestilence: A Story of Satan.”

    – Want some free comics for Halloween? Well Halloween ComicFest is what you’ve been waiting for. Like Free Comic Book day, every year comic book stores give out Halloween themed comics, for free. This year there will be 34 comic book titles available in total. 22 are full size and 12 will be mini comics. All will be available for free in participating comic shops on Saturday, October 27th. The mini comics will be also be available for purchase in packs of 25 for $4.99 at the beginning of October. All HCF titles can be found in July’s issue of Diamond Comic Distributors’ PREVIEWS catalog, available June 27th, 2018. Halloween ComicFest spokesperson Ashton Greenwood commented: “The comics available this year reflect a broad range of tastes. The all-ages mini comics feature popular characters like ‘Rocky & Bullwinkle,’ ‘Archie’ and ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,’ while the full size comics feature well-known properties like ‘Hellblazer,’ ‘Spider-Man,’ and ‘Goosebumps!’ Halloween ComicFest is the perfect time to introduce friends and families to the wonders of comic shops, and experience them as premiere destinations for Halloween fun!”

    – “Orphan Black: Crazy Science” has been cancelled due to low orders, though the already printed issue #1 will still be released. The solicited issues #2 and #3 will not be published. An IDW Publishing representative told Newsarama: “IDW had been really excited to share the story of ‘Orphan Black: Crazy Science,’ it’s powerful narrative and gorgeous artwork, with the readers. Unfortunately, the orders came in too low, prompting the cancellation.” They continued: “We’re grateful for all the hard work and creativity that Heli Kennedy, Fico Ossio, and David Garcia Cruz dedicated to the project, and look forward to working with them on other projects soon. We’re also grateful to fans for their unwavering dedication to the project. It’s our hope that we’ll be able to revisit Crazy Science in another way, to bring the story of Cosima and Delphine to the Clone Club devotees.” “Orphan Black: Crazy Science” #1 is scheduled to be released on July 4th.

    – Meanwhile, IDW Publishing has been honored with the Disney Publishing Worldwide’s Best New Licensee Award at Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2018. The award is given to new Disney Publishing Worldwide licensees signed in the past year, who have created a new format and brought new distribution into the marketplace. Newsarama has the press release here.

    – “Thor” writer Jason Aaron tweeted that his latest run with the character, will be his last. He has written “Thor” since “Thor: God of Thunder” in 2013 and also introduced Jane Foster as a female version of the thunder god. “Thor” #1 is available in comic stores now, issue #2 will hit shelves June 27th.

    – Ethan Van Sciver (“Green Lantern: Rebirth,” “The Flash: Rebirth”) also announced on Twitter that he has quit working for DC Comics to work on his own creation, an OGN called “Cyberfrog.” Van Sciver, who worked at DC for 14 years, was a controversial figure who gained wider notoriety over the past year for his association with the online harassment group ComicsGate. Van Sciver’s last solicited issue at DC Comics will be “Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corp” #47, out June 27th.

    Revealed exclusively on CBR, Netflix will be employing Facebook’s AR Technology, to celebrate the first issue of Mark Millar and Olivier Coipel’s “The Magic Order.” “Augmented reality” technology brings digital overlays of contextual information or special effects onto the physical world through a smartphone. This will bring bonus content, let you explore Olivier Coipel’s fantastic artwork, unlock special character artwork, and more. Facebook AR codes will be available on 4 covers, which will be in stores from June 13th.

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    – Disney have revealed their first image for the new animated series: The Rocketeer. The new series will follow a young girl named Kit, who receives a surprise parcel for her birthday, which will change her life forever. The series will be a CGI series for the 2-to-5 years age range, and will premiere on Disney Junior next year.

    Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins posted a picture on Twitter yesterday of actor Chris Pine in costume as Steve Trevor on the set of Wonder Woman 1984. How did he survive? How did he get to 1984? We’ll all find when the Wonder Woman sequel lands in theaters, November 1st, 2019.

    – The live action movie of the manga and anime series “Bleach” has released a new trailer and poster. Directed by Shinsuke Sato (GANTZ, I Am a Hero), the movie will be released in Japan, July 20th 2018.

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