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Welcome back to The Rundown, our daily breakdown on comic news stories we missed from the previous day. Have a link to share? Email our team at

In case you missed it, artist Tim Sale passed away yesterday. DC Comics also announced “Tim Drake: Robin,” and Marvel revealed several titles in their September solicits.

'Vanish' #1

– Via, “Vanish,” Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman’s creator-owned comic book series, will launch in print at Image Comics in September, and digitally through the KLC Press Substack newsletter, where it was originally announced in January. “Vanish” follows Oliver Harrison, a mentally unstable man who drinks to hide from horrifying nightmares, but who was once a mythical hero that “slayed the greatest threat to his realm before even hitting puberty.” Cates said, “This is a project that Ryan and I have been secretly building and working on quietly in the background for years now, and we cannot wait to unleash it on you.” You can check out a preview here.

– Via IGN, BOOM! Studios have announced “Stuff of Nightmares” from Goosebumps author R.L. Stine, artist A.L. Kaplan, and colorist Roman Titov. This four-issue limited series sees Stine providing his own take on various iconic monsters from folklore and pop culture, including Frankenstein, who takes center stage in the first issue. BOOM! describes “Stuff of Nightmares” as more akin to Stine’s Fear Street novels than Goosebumps, with the official description reading, “In the premiere of Stine’s reanimated reimagining, the monster you encounter isn’t the one you thought it’d be — you might be familiar with the classic tale of a mad scientist hell-bent on creating life, but what these two demented brothers have created is something else entirely!” “Stuff of Nightmares” #1 will be available in September 2022.

– Via The Beat, Dark Horse and comiXology have announced “Youth” Volume 2 from writer Curt Pires, artist Alex Diotto, colorist Dee Cunniffe, and letterer Micah Myers, will get a print collection early next year which will collect issues 1-4 of the digital series. The second volume picks up six months after the first, with some kids dead, some kids better, but more impotantly, “they’re not the only ones with powers anymore. A bold expansion to the smash hit, first story, ‘Youth’ Volume 2 continues with the core cast and introduces new characters from all across the globe.” “Youth” Volume 2 is the latest comiXology original to get a print collection from Dark Horse since the two publishers announced a deal back in 2020. “Youth” Volume 2 will be available January 24, 2023.

– The Beat also reports that “Lucky Penny” by Yuko Ota and Ananth Hirsh is returning in November 2022 with “Lucky Penny: Color Edition,” featuring a new cover from Ota and colors by Julia Hagerty. Originally published by Oni Press in March 2016, “Lucky Penny” follows Penny Brighton, who has been down on her luck. She loses her job and home in the same day, and has to resort to crashing at her friend’s storage container while locking down a job at a laundromat — but sensing some boyfriend vibes from the receptionist at the community center, who’s been sneaking her in so she could shower, her luck just might change. “Lucky Penny: Color Edition” will be available November 23, 2022, and you can check out a colored preview here.

– Via The Guardian,, Danica Novgorodoff’s graphic novel “Long Way Down,” an adaptation of Jason Reynolds’s novel of the same name, has won the Yoto Kate Greenaway Medal. The graphic novel is the first to win the illustration prize since Raymond Briggs’s “Father Christmas” in 1973. “Long Way Down” follows Will, who brings a gun into an elevator with the intention of exacting revenge after his brother is shot in a gang crime. Once the elevator starts to descend, Will sees all the friends he’s lost to gun violence as he begins to second guess his plan. The graphic novel features hundreds of watercolor illustrations: Novgorodoff said, “Through the illustrations, I wanted to show this emotional torment, to make his internal feelings come alive on the page.”

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– Via Creative Review, Dave McKean has been tapped to reimagine artwork for the classic gothic fantasy The Gormenghast Trilogy. The new edition from the Folio Society features open-spine bindings, cloth-bound covers and a hand-made presentation box, as well as an exclusive art print of the story’s iconic villain Steerpike. McKean’s work focuses heavily on the bird motif that runs through the novels. You can preview some of the artwork here.

– Via CBR, Frank Miller and Lynn Varley’s iconic “The Dark Knight Returns” cover sold for nearly $2.5 million on June 16, 2022. The classic cover features Batman’s silhouette in front of a bolt of lightning, and was sold to a buyer for approximately $2.4 million at Heritage’s June 16-19 Comics & Comic Art Signature Auction. According to Heritage Auctions, the cover is the first DC Comics original art to sell for more than $1 million. The previous record holder was a $600,000 cover for 1973’s “Batman” #251 by Neal Adams, which sold for $600,000 at Heritage Auctions in 2019.

– Marvel have announced that as part of the experience onboard the new Disney Cruise Line ship Disney Wish, Iman Vellani will reprise her role as Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel, joining Paul Rudd as Ant-Man, Evangeline Lilly as the Wasp, Anthony Mackie as Captain America, and Brie Larson as Captain Marvel in Avengers: Quantum Encounters, a first-of-its-kind cinematic dining adventure, where it’s up to the heroes to stop Ultron from completing his latest rampage of terror. While showcasing new Pym tech, Hope van Dyne and Scott Lang are joined by Captain America, Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel in order to thwart an army of Ultron Sentries. To learn more, head on over to

– Via Variety, Marvel Studios executive Victoria Alonso will publish her first book, Possibility Is Your Superpower, a memoir about her Hollywood career after growing up in La Plata, Argentina. The book will release on May 2, 2023, and will be available in English and Spanish. Proceeds will benefit St. Jude Hospital. In November, Alonso was presented with the Visionary Award at the Outfest Legacy Awards at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures.

Variety also reports that Andrew Guest will serve as head writer and executive producer on Destin Daniel Cretton’s Disney+ MCU series. Sources say the show will focus on Wonder Man, who in the comics is Simon Williams, the son of a wealthy industrialist whose company falls on hard times due to competition from Tony Stark’s Stark Industries. Nathan Fillion was set to play the role in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but his cameo was cut from the film. Cretton, who currently has an overall deal with Marvel Studios, will executive produce and possibly direct the series. Cretton has already signed on to return to direct and write the sequel to Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

– Finally, via PR Newswire, Nickelodeon has ordered a 2D animated series based on the comic book series “Superhero Bunny League” by cartoonist Jamie Smart. The series has a working title of Super Duper Bunny League, and will feature 26 episodes. The animated series centers on a diverse group of bunny friends who must defend the world from their arch-nemesis. Super Duper Bunny League is slated to launch in the U.S. in 2024, and continue to roll out on Nick Jr. channels internationally. Jamie Smart will serve as a consultant on the series.

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