An Ode to X-Men Origins: Wolverine

By | May 3rd, 2019
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An ode to Wolverine: Origins

The movie was fourth in the franchise.
The third hadn’t been that great.
Reviews calling Origins “good” were lies.
The final act didn’t pull its weight.

The early scenes were the highlight.
When young James found his claws of bone,
and Sabertooth backed him in a fight.
Those happy years before he was alone.

A perfect choice, Ryan Reynolds seemed,
but his Deadpool was a little wrong.
(In 2016, he was redeemed.)
In this movie, he didn’t belong.

Silverfox’s death broke his heart,
Then the film began to fall apart.

I didn’t like how Origins ended.
So many things wrong in the final act,
Silly errors could easily have been mended.
It’s easy to see where this plot lacked.

Silverfox’s fake death made no sense.
How could Wolverine not have known?
Her motivation didn’t cause suspense.
This plot tumor is overgrown.

The cameos were too on the nose.
What a waste of Gambit and Emma Frost.
How long did Wolverine wear those clothes?
So many things should have been tossed.

At least we got Multiversity Comics
Out of this cinematic bomb-ics.

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Drew Bradley

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