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    Five Thoughts on Archer’s “Skorpio”

    By | July 10th, 2019
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    Hi folks! Welcome to our weekly recap of Archer on the Multiversity Summer TV Binge 2019. The episode for this week is named “Skorpio”, the guy Lana and Archer have to confront while also confronting their relationship, let’s dive right in!

    1. Skorpio

    Malory introduces this episode’s mission to Archer: they have to stop a Jamesbond-ian arms dealer with a mega-yacht, but she is only informing him because Lana is the one assigned to the mission, and Malory is going with her… but not to micromanage, she’s going to… “a conference.”

    Turns out she’s having vacation time with KGB director Jakov while obviously micromanaging Lana; they have constant fights about professionalism, the boat he chose and everything in between, at the end of the episode Malory even reveals that Sterling might very well be his son, but let’s back up a little.

    After hearing Lana scream, Malory calls Archer to action to come an try to save her from Skorpio, so, he’s having vacations in a yacht after all…

    2. The rescue mission

    After killing a bunch of scuba divers, Archer discovers that Lana’s life is not at risk, she’s enjoying her vacations alongside Skorpio, and he decides to make her company, posing as the chocolate fountain boy.

    Skorpio likes him and after having a weird threesome involving a wooden spoon and a lot of chocolate, the bad guy reveals that he knows who they are, which kickstarts a shooting, it is then revealed that they are each other’s Insurance beneficiaries, even after they broke up, even after they to quarterly updates of their policies.

    3. Archer contemplating his future

    This lead me to think about Archer’s future, how, even when he is a misogynist and an asshole, he cares somewhat deeply about what’s gonna happen to him, if he dies, his money goes to Lana, and at the beginning of the episode he question his mother about being a grandmother. Maybe not yet, but he does want to be a father.

    So, he is not a womanizer shallow man, he is invested in his legacy and how people will remember him, and this might be the most meaningful revelation of this season, he is human after all.

    4. Back in the office

    Pam leads the way to move some data from one place to another back in their headquarters, but everyone is more concerned about literally anything else, Krieger, now in full Krieger-mode snorts MSG off Pam’s belly and Cheryl mocks Cyril with the idea of Lana cheating on him or being raped by Skorpio.

    After remembering that he forgot to spend his balance on his goddamned flex account, Krieger makes a mess and Cheryl end’s up having sex with Cyril, you know, regular office stuff. You know, this subplots are fun, but this characters can steal the show, and the best stories happen when they are out of the office, which happens rarely in this season, I can’t wait to binge the rest of the show again, to enjoy those moments after ISIS is gone.

    5. Cheating

    An overlooked theme of this episode was the cheating,because it was played just as a joke, but this will pay off the rest of the season, because after Lana and Archer having sex and reigniting their flame, and Cyril beginning his sex-addiction, Lana-cheating streak things will happen.

    This show, as we’ve already discussed, is big on sexual openness, and after this episode it will become even more overtly sexual, to the point where their relationships are cartoonislhy affected by sex. We already know the answer but, will Archer and Lana be together again at last?

    Joke of the week:

    Jakov: I just don’t feel so comfortable discussing KGB operations with you.
    Malory: What? I tell you everything.
    Jakov: Da, but is a little unprofessional.

    And that’s it for this episode, a great opportunity to get to better understand the relationships between the characters with their usual hilarious shenanigans. What did you think of this episode? Leave your comments below and join us next week for our take on episode 107, “Skytanic”.

    And remember! Season 10, Archer: 1999 is airing right now on FXX, the seventh one and second to last is airing tonight! Go watch it!

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