2019 Summer TV Binge

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Adventures of Superman The Defeat of Superman Television
Five Thoughts on Adventures of Superman‘s “Shot in the Dark” and “The Defeat of Superman”

By | Jun 15, 2019 | Television

Adventures of Superman spends most of its episodes dealing with very small stakes and, most importantly, situations that present zero harm to Superman himself. However, the two episodes I’m talking about this week are different, as they are focused almost exclusively on how things may break bad for Superman. Let’s dig in. 1. The most […]

X-Men the animated series enter magneto Television
Five Thoughts on X-Men: The Animated Series‘ “Enter Magneto” and “Deadly Reunions”

By | Jun 10, 2019 | Television

Previously on X-Men, we were introduced to the team and world through the two-part debut “Night of the Sentinels.” Many of us were anticipating this series before it even debuted but a large part of the audience came in with these third and fourth episodes. Thankfully, X-Men: The Animated Series helped to pioneer the “previously […]

Adventures of Superman Man Who Could Read Minds Television
Five Thoughts on Adventures of Superman‘s “Man Who Could Read Minds” and “Jet Ace”

By | Jun 8, 2019 | Television

Adventures of Superman somewhat diversifies its rogues’ gallery, adding in some people other than petty criminals to the ranks. 1. Jimmy “Action” Olsen In “Man Who Could Read Minds,” Jimmy all of a sudden thinks he’s Superman himself, trying to take down criminals without any physical prowess or intelligence to speak of. I know that […]


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