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    Five Thoughts on Battlestar Galactica‘s “Home – Part 2”

    By | July 21st, 2019
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    1. Split

    The fleet is split up physically and ideologically at this point in time, as are the characters we have come to know over the course of about a season and a half. But, somehow, this religious quest of faith, which split them up in the first place, is now bringing them back together. Roslin and crew are on Kobol, looking for the Tomb of Athena, while Adama and his crew are on Galactica looking for Roslin, so in fact also looking for the Tomb of Athena as well. Adama has gotten over his anger and is attempting to get the band back together.

    2. Adama and Roslin

    Leaders of both sides, the government and the military, have grown apart in their views on how to get the fleet to Earth, or at least on how to get the fleet away from the Cylons. It’s why the fleet has split up and that split lies at the feet of Adama and Roslin, leaders of both ideological sides. Well, some of the blame can be laid at Tigh’s feet, but, you know. He’s a foil to Adama, and so the Commander has to clean up his XO’s mess. Despite Adama and Roslin’s differences in attitudes towards faith, the two respect and admire one another completely. I love how this series shows us the platonic love between the two; they may be similar in age and both single, but there’s no romantic link, just pure, and impressive respect and an ultimate willingness to work together for the better of all. Adama says he believes Roslin believes she has visions with prophecies, he may not believe in them, but there’s that level of respect between the two.

    3. Human Connection

    We may disagree, we may fight, we may split up because of those differences, but in the end, we all just want to connect with one another. Apollo comes face to face with his father on Kobol and the two are visibly thrilled and relieved to see one another. Adama says it’s good to see Roslin, Roslin is so happy to see Billy, Adama is happy to see Starbuck, and the power of forgiveness sweeps prior conflict to the side, and they’re one group again. Except for those they consider their…

    4. Enemies

    One person Adama is not happy to see, is Sharon, not Galactica Sharon, pregnant Sharon. He’s angry about what the Cylons have done to the human race and about what Sharon did to him, and he tells her he wants her to die, while choking her. He does stop when the group implores him to do so, and maybe because he also wants to know why his Sharon did what she did. Why did she shoot the commander that loved and respected her? This Sharon goes a long way to attempt to earn the trust of her human companions, by luring Zarek’s traitorous companion into thinking she is willing to kill Adama and Apollo, when in fact killing him in front of the group for his betrayal. This is complicated, and doesn’t totally convince the group she’s trustworthy, because they throw her in the brig upon their return to Galactica. Should individuals be judged by the actions of as group they belong to? Has Sharon done anything to warrant being locked up? Or is she paying for the crimes of her brothers and sisters?

    5. Baltar

    Baltar is falling into the depths of dispair. Oh wait, he’s been doing that since the attack on Caprica. Well, now he thinks he might be crazy. Maybe he thought that before too, but here we are again stuck in his conversations with Six. We get some great camera shots of Baltar speaking to an empty chair, as if to convince us, the audience, Baltar is crazy, or maybe the Cylons did plant a chip in his brain…which he goes to see Doc about, but the brain scan shows…nothing. No chip. Just Baltar’s psychological break. The show does a quality job of casting some doubt on even this assumption though. Can Baltar simply be crazy? His visions are very specific and always very similar. Six does tell Baltar he will be the leader of the human race, so perhaps he is just crazy.

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    Oh, and, by the way, our heroes get into the Tomb of Athena, use the Arrow of Apollo, and find a map that will help lead them to Earth. Boom.

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