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    Five Thoughts on Jessica Jones‘s “A.K.A. I Wish”

    By | July 16th, 2019
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    Oh, how the tides do change. Despite my previous tearing down of this season of Jessica Jones, “A.K.A. I Wish does pick up quite a bit. There’s still issues, and it is a pale imitation of its first iteration, but Jessica Jones‘s third season is actually getting better.

    As always, beware of spoilers and here are five thoughts on “A.K.A. I Wish.”

    1. He’s Facing Two Superheroes Now

    Let’s address the worst at the beginning. Trish’s story is still beyond cringe-worthy. It’s understandable that she’s been crafted in this way to be a foil to Jess in this season but nearly every line she utters is incredibly off-putting. We’re never getting the Hellcat of the comics; and, while that may be okay, what has been presented in its place is nauseating.

    2. Mirror, Mirror

    It would be an understatement to say that replacing David Tennant’s Purple Man is an endeavor, but this season’s antagonist seeks not to attempt so, but rather be an imposing figure all his own. Sallinger is an intriguing villain and makes this episode easily the best so far–though that bar has been set low as of this writing.

    3. A Love-Hate Triangle

    Jeri’s subversion of Kif and Peter’s relationship is yet another low-point for the series. It’s not engaging and the motivations of the characters are not compelling. Jeri wants to bone her former lover–which she already did due to their open relationship–and seeks to destroy Kif’s husband. A lot seems to have been put into this basket but upon retrieving these pieces they seem to be rotten, and not in an enjoying way.

    4. Some Things Just Won’t Stay Buried

    A great deal of secrets and buried plot-points come to life here. Peter’s embezzlement, Eric’s relationship with his sister, and the unresolved situation between Jess and Trish after the latter killed the former’s mother. This is yet another moment that just does not play out in an engaging manner as Trish finally utters “I wish I didn’t kill your mom.”

    As important as this moment is, it falls absolutely flat on the floor, like a goldfish that managed to flop out of its bowl. Emotions are spewed, but see only a tile or linoleum greet them as the audience tunes out–presumably to an episode of Game of Thrones while the goldfish grasps for air, experiencing its last few moments.

    5. We’ve Moved Up to “Ehhhh, It’s Okay, I Guess”

    This episode is a big improvement over previous installments, but still has a long way to recapturing the excitement of the show’s first season. That said, this was the first time in this round of reviews that my notepad was sparse with notations, indicating that I was far more into the viewing experience than I was picking it apart.

    Perhaps this is a good sign, but we won’t know until next week when my review of the third season of Jessica Jones and the end of Marvel’s Netflix output continues.

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