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    Five Thoughts on Krypton’s “The Alpha and the Omega”

    By | August 16th, 2019
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    The season finale of Krypton is finally upon us! And while it didn’t dash my hopes and dreams for a satisfying end, it certainly didn’t continue the upward streak that the rest of the season found. My biggest criticism with the episode was its failed attempt in trying to balance ending one season while getting us excited for the next. That being said, it was still a somewhat satisfying ending. Let’s dive in.

    1. World Building: Green Lanterns, Rann, and Thanagarians

    No, unfortunately there weren’t any Green Lanterns in this episode; but we did get a reference to them! In the beginning of the episode, we see Zod telling his crew to head to Sector 2814. The original classification of these 3600 sectors in space were done by none other than the Guardians, founders of the Green Lantern Corps. While this was a small Easter Egg, it still got me excited and hopeful that we’ll see some power rings in the next season.

    Aside from that, Nyssa is now set on a journey that brought her to Rann and the Thanagarians by way of Zeta beam. I have to say, what a careless move Nyssa made by doing this. I understand her reasoning, but it still is a bit of a leap for her character to act so foolishly in the face of such dangers and unknowns. But, then again, it is a TV show, and the plot has to get advanced somehow.

    2. Omega Symbol: What Could This Mean?

    While on Rann, Nyssa finds an Omega symbol. This could point towards number of things: Omega, an entity capable of universal destruction (created by Brainiac 5 in the comics, so this could be a connection for the writers should they choose this path) or perhaps The Omega Men? The latter (a group of galactic freedom-fighters) is a stretch, but hey, anything is possible.

    3. Black Mercy Used on Zod

    I see the circular story-telling that the writers were going for here, but I’m sorry, this just doesn’t make any sense in the scheme of things. Why would Seg, an El who worships his grandfather’s sense of morality, agree to doing something so evil? They couldn’t come up with anything else? And Lyta, who was shown to be so steadfast in her own ethics that Zod had to make a clone of her, is acting like a complete hypocrite now by subjecting her future son to this “torutre”. All in all, it just doesn’t make sense given the path that both Seg and Lyta traversed throughout the second season.

    4. Jor-El Becomes the New Superman?

    It looks like Brainiac is planning to make Jor-El the new Superman. This has so many interesting implications that its hard to imagine where they’ll take it. All I can say is that it would be nice to finally some Superman in a show that is based on Superman! It’s also somewhat mind-blowing to me that there are so many people from the future who are aware of the benefits of yellow sun radiation on Kryptonians, yet no one has taken that step yet. Like Zod: don’t you think his time would’ve been better spent making himself one of the most powerful beings in the universe rather than messing with Black Mercies and Doomsday? I was extremely surprised that none of this came about in this final episode. Oh well.

    5. The Final Zod-Takedown Scene

    I was very disappointed in the fight between Zod and Seg and Lyta. It was too predictable and cliche; absolutely nothing surprised or wowed me. And to add on to that, Zod had no big moments and came off as flat. That isn’t to say that his performance throughout the season wasn’t well-done; I felt like he did an admirable job. But that being said, we didn’t get anything out of the box for this huge and pivotal fight that had been built up to for most of the season. Please Krypton, for your next season finale, PLEASE make the fight comparable to last episode’s Nyssa fight scene!!

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