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Five Thoughts on Krypton‘s “Mercy”

By | August 2nd, 2019
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My favorite aspect of the second season of Krypton is how much substance it has. The show is staying true to its characters by letting each event build off of the next. I know this is an obvious thing to ask of a show, but its surprising how rarely this endeavor is successful. When it comes to the most recent episode of Krypton, we’re shown how far Zod is willing to go to achieve his goals, the magnitude of love that exists between Lyta and Seg, and the complications that each of these respectively creates. Let’s take a closer look.

1. Doomsday: Indestructible, Except for Kryptonian Syringes?

First off, are we to believe that the most indestructible Kryptonian, who was put through hundreds of trials of being killed and resurrected, is able to be punctured by a simple needle? I’m sorry, but come on guys; couldn’t we have gotten a small explanation about “how strong the needle was”, or “how much effort was put into finding a material that could puncture Doomsday”, or ANYTHING! While the rest of the show has been improving, I find small details like this to take away from the larger scheme of things.

2. Black Mercy!

I thought it was a great move to introduce the Black Mercy in this episode! It ties in beautifully to both Lyta and Doomsday’s arcs and was extremely effective. Who knows how else the parasite will be used in the future of the show, but I’m sure it’s not the last time we’ll see it.

3. Lyta Reveal

I’m sure most of you knew Lyta wasn’t truly dead, but her reveal was well played, nonetheless. It highlights Lyta’s truest desires while explaining how the rest of the events of the season went down. One thing that was a bit unrealistic (yes, I’m really saying that in a show about aliens and phantom zones) was her defending herself and killing of the guard. If you’re immobilized for months, there’s no way your body is going to work that well; the atrophy itself would most likely take weeks (or at least several days?) to recover from. However, the scene of Lyta rescuing Jayna and Dev was so well-played that the end did justify the means, in this particular case.

4. Seg-Lyta-Nyssa Triangle

I feel very bad for Nyssa; she’s done nothing but try and do well by her son while slowly falling more and more for Seg. And now that Lyta is alive (and relatively well), Nyssa once again gets pushed to the side. I have to say, Seg really put himself in a bad situation here. That being said, we as the audience still know how important Nyssa is in the show, being that she is technically Kal-El’s grandmother; so it will be quite interesting to see how the love triangle plays out.

5. Zod is Savage

Zod is a total monster. Putting your mother in catatonic dream state and calling it mercy (pun intended) is probably one of the most evil things someone can do, not to mention the part where he beat the crap out of her first. I’m happy that Krypton is going down this road with Zod, because I have to say, I didn’t hate him enough until now. He truly is evil. Let’s see how far they take this aspect of his character as we head for the end of the season.

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