Five Thoughts on Krypton‘s “Blood Moon”

By | August 9th, 2019
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As we reach the end of Krypton’s second season, the drama continues to build towards the season finale and we see Zod continue to be his ruthless self. Seg dodges death a few more times, Nyssa shows her skills as a warrior, and poor Adam Strange may be left paralyzed. I will say, it was fitting to see a planetary body (in this case it was Wegthor, one of Krypton’s moons) explode on this show for obvious reasons. Poor Kryptonians; at least they still have their planet (for the moment!).

1. Nyssa: You’re Doing Great; Seg: Brighten Up, Buddy

When it comes to handling his love interests, Seg needs some serious work. Has he ever heard of open and clear communication? Nyssa, the mother of his son, has every right to at least touch base with Seg about her feelings (which she eventually did). The thing that was mind-blowing to me was how Seg just ditched Nyssa completely after he found out Lyta was alive. Of course, Lyta is his true love; but how about a little consideration for your baby-mama? I guess Seg can’t be good at everything in life.

2. Jayna: Mother of the Year

Jayna was a paradigm of what it means to be a forgiving and empathetic mother in this episode. I was so impressed and touched by her approach with Lyta. Her perspective that everyone makes mistakes and that we all deserve second chances was a great reminder for life in general. I won’t lie, I shed a tear or two. Bravo to the writers of Krypton, as they really have stepped up there game!

3. Doomsday Unleashed

Well, we finally got a scene of Doomsday destroying everything in his path! It’s too bad that Krypton’s budget only allowed a few shots of him; most of the fight seemed to be people getting obliterated by Doomsday and barely any of the actual Kryptonian monster doing his thing. Oh well, I guess CGI can be pretty expensive. At least they’re doing right by his character in illustrating him as a total killing-machine. I’m very excited to see how they handle him for the remainder of the season.

4. Val Continues to Be a Paradigm of Hope

I was impressed and happy with Val’s decision to trust Nyssa with an integral part of the rebellion’s plan. It shows that he truly embodies the idea of hope and positivity, as he could easily have been pessimistic about Nyssa’s intent after her betrayal. But he did not, and it’s a wonderful reminder about how people have a huge capacity to change and grow. This is a common theme between Jayna and Val’s overall perspective.

5. AMAZING Nyssa-Fight Sequence

Nyssa: why did we never know how much of a badass you are? We’ll give the cinematography some credit on this one too, but what an amazing fight scene!! If Val had any doubts of Nyssa’s loyalty, surely he does not anymore. She killed at least a dozen Sagitari with ease and brutality. I’ll be honest, this scene blew all of Doomsday’s moments out of the water. Fingers crossed we get a whole lot more of this for next week’s season finale!

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