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    Five Thoughts on ¡Mucha Lucha!‘s “Flea’s Fighting Fish” & “La Flamencita”

    By | June 30th, 2017
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    Lucharaaan! Hello folks! Today we have a very noisy episode of ¡Mucha Lucha!, starting with “Flea’s Fighting Fish” and ending with “La Flamencita”. This week I will give you two songs featured on this episode: So Wonderful and Un Chin Chin. And now that the ring is ready, let’s start this review!

    1. Recaps

    First off, in “Flea’s Fighting Fish” the school goes to a field trip to the aquarium, that’s how The Flea reunites with his long-lost fish, and he’s not happy for being accidentally flushed away, so, they wrestle for revenge.

    Then, Rikochet injures Botas de Fuego, the dance-fight partner of “La Flamencita”, and they were supposed to fight against the evil team known as the Ballroom Blitzkrieg! Rikochet wil have to learn how to dance and partner-up with the flamenco-speaking girl, easy peasy.

    2. A walk in the toilet

    Of course Mr. Fishy Fish is going to be angry! The Flea was an awful owner and who puts a fish deliberately on a toilet? I will take this opportunity to ask you to keep your mascots in a safe space, do not be like Elmyra in Tiny Toons or Dalra in Finding Nemo, take care of your pets… otherwise they might fight you on an underwater ring

    3. Speaking of underwater rings

    Oh I insist! I love that this show is so ludicrous that even fishes can wrestle, thay literally have a ring! Do they fight their old owners regularly? Why else would they need one? Am I overthinking a show for children? (Probably, but it is hilarious!)

    4. A stone is not a fish

    The main plot of the second part of the episode happens because Rikochet doesn’t know how to dance. I feel you bro, my girlfriend has been trying to teach me how to dance for almost three years, every time I learn just a the basics, a month passes by and I forget everything, I wish I have a teacher like El Rey… or maybe I should go to a dancing school.

    5. Flamenco versus Tango

    Remember when I told you last week that it’s a common misconception to think flamenco music is Mexican? Well, I guess the creative team knew it, because this episode featured a whole lot of flamenco (Spanish) and tango (Argentinian) music. It is great to feature other Latino cultures in this show. We have awesome and incredibly talented musicians, so take some time to yourself enjoy both playlists (personally, I prefer tango, listen to Carlos Gardel).
    Also, how great would it be to have wrestling matches that feature dancing? I would pay to see that!

    ¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tres! ¡Ganadoooooor! That’s our review and you have a lot of homework! Tell us: do you liked some of the songs? Which one? And as always, what do you think of this show (and any other series from our Summer TV Binge)? Tell us in the comments below. See you next Friday.


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