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    Five Thoughts on The Gifted: “eXit Strategy”

    By | October 24th, 2017
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    Worst. Road Trip. Ever. The “exodus” (see what I did there?) for the Strucker family last week didn’t exactly go as planned. Which means it’s time for a new exit strategy.  Read on to find out what everyone has planned for an exit strategy to get Reed and Lorna out of government detention in this week’s episode (wait for it), “eXit Strategy.”

    (I’ll stop with the bad jokes now.  Also, spoilers contained herein.)

    1. Little White Lies in Your Mind

    The Dreamer/Johnny/Clarice love-triangle-that-isn’t-one-yet-but-is-damn-well-on-the-way-to-being-one takes a turn towards the questions of ethics. Johnny questions Dreamer’s decision from the previous episode to implant the fake memory in Clarice’s head of a romance, and the implications — both for their relationship and larger ones of ethics — are sticky. Dreamer concedes that she should have asked permission before planting revisionist history, but she did it for the sake of her relationship with Johnny. Johnny isn’t convinced. This leads me to wonder if issues of mutant powers and ethics of their use will be explored from other angles this season. And as Clarice begins to have that steamy kiss drift out of her mind (Dreamer’s fake memories are not permanent), will Johnny confess Dreamer’s role, or use the opportunity to make those memories real?

    2. Awkward Reunion #1: And You Thought Running Into Your Ex in Starbucks Was Weird….

    Marcos does not want to see the all-powerful “Cartel” (an underworld organization bridging mutants and Sentinel Services), and for good reason. He dated the daughter of the Don (Carmen), and left her for Lorna. Wouldn’t you know it, Daddy pulled a page from Gotham‘s Carmine Falcone playbook and left Carmen in charge after his passing. And Carmen is sharp-tongued, smart, and smoldering hot — perhaps with a bit of lingering thing for her ex. Does an exchange of information come after an exchange of lips and lingerie? For now, Carmen’s got the upper hand (“you come when I tell you to”) but I could see her using that for means other than getting information out of petty goons. (If you know what I mean.)

    3.  Awkward Reunion #2: If I Wanted To Travel…

    Lorna/Polaris (please, call her Polaris) is transferred to Sentinel Services, and there’s Reed in the next cell! OH HAI MAN WHO PUT ME BEHIND BARS! Reed works through the change of heart he has had about mutants upon finding out his children would have been, by his own law and procedure, behind bars for a least a decade. Polaris isn’t buying it and she lets him know in a speech detailing the horrors mutants have had thanks to Reed’s prosecution. What a great metaphor for understanding the road to being “woke” in 2017 — just because you say you understand and want to do better towards marginalized groups means nothing at first. Back up word with action. Reed’s going to have to do a lot more to regain Polaris’ trust.

    4. “You’re Going to Use My Own Words Against Me?”

    Andy and Lauren use the Oldest Kid Trick in the Book to get a chance to sit at the big kid mutants’ table: They use their mom’s own words about standing up for what is right and taking risks to convince Mom that they have the chops to be a part of the shakedown of the military plane with Reed and Polaris. They’re been practicing! (Though I feel sorry for whomever owns that car; that’s going to be a nasty bill at the mechanic.) Mom seems to buy it, but I’m not convinced she’s totally on board, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she makes a last-ditch effort to pull the kids back.

    5. Best Laid Plans…

    The mutant exit strategy of ambushing the bus transferring Reed and Polaris to another prison seems to start on a good foot but the discovery of mutant in the Sentinel Services ranks — Pulse, a mutant that can disrupt mutant powers who also happens to be one of Johnny’s old pals — forces a quick change of plans that involve some very analog tactics. Caitlin puts the kids in her car to get them out of harm’s way (called it!) — but not before stabbing some Sentinel Services dudes with drugs. Johnny gives his old friend a knuckle sandwich to get him to stop warping the mutants. And now we get the glorious Mutant Powers Activate! scene — including some of Polaris’ mad skills and a really gross scene with Reed’s leg — I have been dying to see since the first episode. (Well, except for the part with Reed’s leg.) When the smoke clears, it’s Mutants: 1, Jace “I’m Senator Cory Booker’s Evil Twin” Turner and Company: 0. If only the kids could have been a part of this….damn you Mom Strucker!

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    Line of the night: 

    “Regardless, melting tires with lasers is hardly subtle.” — Caitlin Strucker.  (Gee, you think?)

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