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Ignited 02 (featured image) Reviews
“Ignited” #2

By | Jul 5, 2019 | Reviews

Overall, the script for “Ignited” #2 does a fine job of interweaving backstory and real-time scenes that help move everything forward. The visual adultification of the book’s high school characters, however, creates a persistent and distracting emotional disconnect that proves difficult to overcome. (Warning: may contain minor spoilers.) Written by Mark Waid and Kwanza Osajyefo […]

Killer Groove #2 (featured image) Reviews
“Killer Groove” #2

By | Jun 28, 2019 | Reviews

The dialogue throughout “Killer Groove” #2 is funny and naturalistic, revealing great insights into the main characters and their relationships. This is a noir that feels contemporary and cool, but for some readers it might feel a bit light plot and pulp-inspired action. (Warning: may contain minor spoilers.) Written by Ollie Masters Illustrated by Eoin […]

American Carnage 08 (featured image) Reviews
“American Carnage” #8

By | Jun 21, 2019 | Reviews

Since the harrowing opening sequence of the debut issue, writer Bryan Hill and his team have managed to keep raising the stakes, steadily building the tension across every page, scene and installment. Here, in the penultimate issue, “American Carnage” #8 brilliantly sets the stage for what promises to be an explosive, unforgettable finish. (Warning: may […]

Jughead-Time-Police-Charm-Featured Reviews
“Jughead’s Time Police” #1

By | Jun 14, 2019 | Reviews

From a well written, fluid script to art that feels fresh and vital, “Jughead’s Time Police” #1 artfully blends a contemporary aesthetic with familiar elements we already know and love. (Warning: may contain minor spoilers.) Written by Sina Grace Illustrated by Derek Charm Colored by Matt Herms Lettered by Jack Morelli When Jughead messes up […]

JugheadTheHungerVsVampironica_02_(CoverA_Kennedy) Reviews
“Jughead the Hunger Versus Vampironica” #2

By | Jun 7, 2019 | Reviews

Maybe by the time “Jughead the Hunger Versus Vampironica” hits the third issue the story will finally rise to the level of the art, but for now, it’s pure eye candy with a convoluted and cumbersome script. (Warning: may contain minor spoilers.) Written by Frank Tieri Illustrated by Pat & Tim Kennedy, Joe Eisma, Bob […]

Punk Mambo #2 (featured image) Reviews
“Punk Mambo” #2

By | May 31, 2019 | Reviews

It’s difficult to judge the aesthetics of “Punk Mambo” #2 from a purely objective standpoint. Potential issues of cultural appropriation, from the protagonist as well as the creators, continue to surface and shouldn’t be ignored. (Warning: may contain minor spoilers.) Written by Cullen Bunn Illustrated by Adam Gorham Colored by José Villarubia Lettered by Dave […]

Clue-Candlestick-01 (featured image) Reviews
“Clue: Candlestick” #1

By | May 24, 2019 | Reviews

Games, puzzles, puns, witty dialogue and phenomenal art, “Clue: Candlestick” #1 is the uncompromising vision of an auteur who’s not afraid to throw the rulebook out the window. (Warning: may contain minor spoilers.) Written, Illustrated and Lettered by Dash Shaw All of your favorite suspicious characters are back in this new brain twister based on […]

Little Bird 03 (featured image) Reviews
“Little Bird” #3

By | May 17, 2019 | Reviews

Despite a stellar visual aesthetic and outstanding design, the first two “Little Bird” issues were a little heavy on exposition. “Little Bird” #3 changes everything with and action-packed script full of dramatic twists and turns. (Warning: may contain minor spoilers.) Written by Darcy Van Poelgeest Illustrated by Ian Bertram Colored by Matt Hollingsworth Lettered by […]

Eve-Stranger-1 (featured image) Reviews
“Eve Stranger” #1

By | May 10, 2019 | Reviews

“Eve Stranger” #1 is an outstanding debut issue and rock solid foundation for what is set up to be an intriguing and eccentric high concept series. (Warning: minor spoilers ahead.) Written by David Barnett Illustrated by Philip Bond Colored by Eva de la Cruz Lettered by Jane Heir You have unlimited funds, a jet-set lifestyle, […]

DESCENDENT-Juan-Doe-Cover-featured-image Reviews
“Descendent” #1

By | May 4, 2019 | Reviews

“Descendent” #1 doesn’t waste any time laying out its premise and setting the plot in motion. (Warning: minor spoilers ahead.) Written by Stephanie Phillips Illustrated by Evgeniy Bornyakov Colored by Lauren Affe Lettered by A Larger World’s Troy Peteri Conspiracy theories, government corruption, and a really good mix of Prince drives David Corey to help […]

bad-luck-chuck-2-featured-image Reviews
“Bad Luck Chuck” #2

By | Apr 26, 2019 | Reviews

urSolid art and a great protagonist can’t quite overcome the distraction of narrative tangents in “Bad Luck Chuck” #2. (Warning: this review contains minor spoilers.) Written by Lela Gwen Illustrated by Matthew Dow Smith Colored by Kelly Fitzpatrick Lettered by Cvetkovic A broken mirror gets you seven years of bad luck. Salt was thought to […]


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