Multiversity’s Got You Covered: Week of 2/20/13

Wowza guys. Wowza. What week of comic covers we have in store for you. It was an astoundingly great week for comic covers, and one where it would be difficult to make a top ten just ten. Making a top five? Damn near impossible. So what did make the hardest of cuts? Find out below.

5. Dark Horse Presents #21
Art by Greg Ruth

This week’s fifth spot goes to a book that regularly has great covers and often appears in my top fives, as Dark Horse Presents this week gives us a wonderfully creepy piece by Greg Ruth. Two things I love about it: the very atypical color palette and the tension between the characters and the situation. Both of them make the piece stand out from the racks, and make this a book that you can’t help but take notice on. A great story in one piece with unusual but very powerful techniques involved.

4. Nova #1
Art by Marcos Martin

Marcos Martin seemingly has awesome variants coming out on the regular for Cosmic Marvel, and I have to say, this one excels because of its simplicity. It’s a wonderful piece that shows the simple wonder of this book, which I have to say was, surprisingly, quite good. It’s a tough week, otherwise it would have finished higher, but it being a variant is arguably the only demerit I can give it.

3. Captain Marvel #10
Art by Joe Quinones

I. Love. This. Cover. There’s something incredibly beautiful and powerful about it. Joe Quinones does a marvelous job of depicting Carol Danvers as a woman who has the stars on her mind. Of travel and exploration. I love the way the Captain Marvel logo was also done in stars, and it’s just a wonderful piece that speaks volumes of the character and book. It’s the total package, but shockingly, #3.

2. Fables #126
Art by Joao Ruas

When I was emptying my pull box, this was the only book in there. I actually said “WOW” when I saw it, because it was so different than Joao Ruas’ normal work. The color palette is so bold, and the illustration is so full of energy and a certain amount of joie de vivre. It’s perfect for the adventure that Bigby and Brock “don’t call me Stinky” Blueheart are on, and honestly, it’s one of my favorite covers Ruas has done so far. That, in itself, is reason to celebrate. Wonderful work, but not #1.

1. Batwoman #17
Art by J.H. Williams III

When I first saw this cover, my jaw actually dropped (in case you are scoring at home, dropped jaw > “Wow.”). This is an absolutely, insanely spectacular cover. This is a poster. This is a story. This is an ode to a character. This IS the character. It’s one of the most powerful images I’ve seen on a cover in recent memory, and to me, it’s the type of thing you could see on the walls of comic fans across the country. It’s iconic and effortlessly powerful, and a wonderful bullet point on Williams’ brilliant career as a cover artist. Wow. Wow I say, with a dropped jaw.

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