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    Burpee’s Got You Covered!

    By | April 18th, 2010
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    Whoa Nelly! It’s a big ass list this week! I just couldn’t help but love a multitude of covers. We have some serious heat coming from one artist as he starts to make a real climb to the top. We also have a couple newcomers. So let’s take a look at what we’ve got shall we?

    Oh yeah, no rankings this week. This week I just want to point out a bunch of covers I really enjoyed. There was a lot of excellent stuff so I don’t want to rank them. All of them are Awesome!

    B.P.R.D.: King of Fear #4
    by Mike Mignola

    Simple cover but the contrast of the black and the blue is most excellent. Like I said it’s very simple but yet rather eloquent.

    Brightest Day #0
    by David Finch

    Another week another double dip on this list for Finch. I like this cover because it shows all the main players and when I first saw it I became really pumped up for this book. That is exactly what a cover is supposed to do.

    Secret Six #20
    by Daniel Luvisi

    This title consistently has some of the most amazing covers. They could be movie posters or just real life shots. Either way it’s always a treat to view what’s on the cover of this hilariously brilliant title.

    Daredevil #506
    by Paolo Manuel Rivera

    This is a nice Japanese style art flavor. The image is a little static but well made nonetheless. I will admit that when I saw this cover in the solicitations I was much more impressed than when I saw it on the stands. Still is nice to look at all the same.

    New Mutants #12 (Variant)
    by David Finch

    What a great iconic shot of the team. It’s pretty basic but if you are a fan of the New Mutants like me then you’ll appreciate this as well. I would love to have a poster of this shot.

    Cold Space #1 (Variant)
    by David Spokes

    Samuel L. Jackson is one bad motha shut your face!

    Fables #94
    by Joao Ruas

    Not much to say here other than that this is a beautiful cover. This is almost more an art piece than a cover to a comic. There should be more of those on a regular basis.

    Chew #10
    by Rob Guillory

    The eye in the blood soup is fantastic. I also love the little detail of seeing the shadowy vampire guy’s reflection in the spoon.

    So the artist list looks like this…

    Adi Granov — 7
    David Finch — 5
    Adam Kubert — 3

    In the immortal words of porky the mother fucking pig, “That’s all folks!”.

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