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    Burpee’s Got You Covered!

    By | July 31st, 2011
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    Well another month down and summer is getting close to its end. Let’s send out the month of July with some most excellent covers though shall we? This week’s list gives us one cover from Marvel, DC and Image. So what do we have this go around? Hit the jump to see!

    3. Butcher Baker: The Righteous Maker #5
    by Mike Huddleston

    To be honest it’s all in the hair. The image is a basic interpretation of a character in the book but the image is still striking. When you see it the hair stands out as the colors intermixed make for an otherworldly feel. It has an almost galaxy within feel. It’s a fun cover to look at.

    2. Wolverine/Deadpool: The Decoy #1
    by Skottie Young

    Ok, this cover just makes me laugh every single time I see it. Deadpool’s pose in the Phoenix costumes is priceless. Wolverine’s reaction is the perfect counterpart to Deadpool’s ridiculousness. The basic white cover does a great job of keeping the focus simple and drawing the reader’s eyes into the humor that’s presented. Overall, this is one of the funnier covers I’ve seen in sometime.

    1. Detective Comics #880

    by Jock

    There is a lot to like about this cover. Let’s start with the obvious; which is that this is a wicked twisted looking Joker. Jock does a great job of giving us a stylized creepster Joker. The bats forming the upper portion of his head/hair is a great touch that adds a unique twist that has a nice secondary motivation, which is the representation of Joker’s constant bats on the mind mindset. The guy is obsessed with the Dark Knight and he’s always thinking up ways to finally best him and this image shows this.

    The white cover is a nice twist on a spooky Joker image. The brightness is a direct contrast to the evil image. Typically a cover of this nature would play up dark tones and shadows. Here the evil is in the open and plain to see. The Joker isn’t hiding here. He’s evil, wants a piece of Batman and isn’t afraid to let it be known. It’s great to see a different representation of an iconic character without losing the pieces that make him who he is.

    Well another week and another month complete. Thanks everyone for checking out what was up to offer this week. What covers did you enjoy? Anything I left off or anything you disagree with? Hit the comments below and let your thoughts be heard.

    Meanwhile, let’s check those artist standings. For any of you who are new to this column here are the basics. The artists listed below are the names of the artists who have made appearances on the list the most often. The numbers next to the name represent the number of appearances the artist has made.

    So here are the artists that have us covered:

    1. Adi Granov — 13
    2. David Finch — 12
    3. Dave Johnson — 9
    4. Jae Lee -8
    4. Jock — 8
    Have a good week everyone. Matt will have you covered next week!

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