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    David’s Got You Covered (Week of 12/8/10)

    By | December 12th, 2010
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    This week on David’s Got You Covered, we’ve got a small week of great covers, but they are all pretty damn fantastic. What made the cut and what was the best cover of the week?

    Find out after the jump.

    4. Justice League: Generation Lost #15
    Art by Dustin Nguyen

    Why It’s Awesome: Dustin Nguyen has been churning out awesome covers lately like Rajon Rondo has been dropping dimes: constantly and unsurprisingly. This offering is another great one, taking a tried and true concept (a “character on the run!” that reminds you of the Days of Future Past X-Men cover with Kitty and Wolverine) and making it work for the book and making it look pretty damn awesome at the same time.

    Nguyen is one of the most talented artists on the market, and I foresee him getting fairly regular entries into this column for the rest of his career.

    3. Lady Mechanika #1
    Art by Joe Benitez

    Why It’s Awesome: I didn’t buy this book, but I can say I ALMOST did if only because of this cover. Joe Benitez is not an artist I am super familiar with, but this cover and the interiors I saw when I flipped through are superb.

    The cover itself is wonderfully designed, from the font set for the title to the layout of the cover itself, as the image of Lady Mechanika bursting through a map (or something that is map like) really draws the eye. I love the way this image brings out the Steampunk flair of the book, and the design of everything on the page lives in service to that concept. Just writing about this cover and looking at it once again have made me realize I really would like to go back and buy this book. Nice work Joe, you’ve sold someone new thanks to just the cover.

    2. Fables #100
    Art by Joao Ruas

    Why It’s Awesome: Joao Ruas had a tough act to follow, as James Jean put together one of the all-time great runs for cover artists, but he has quickly managed to establish himself as one of the top creators in the field today as well.

    This cover for the centennial issue of Fables is a lush delight, depicting Bellflower and Mister Dark in one-on-one combat with the fate of Fabletown in the balance. It’s an exquisite design that is matched in greatness by the painted execution by Ruas. I can’t wait to have this cover in a book on my shelf to match the James Jean cover book I have. Ruas is quickly proving that he belongs there, thanks to efforts like this.

    1. Northlanders #35
    Art by Massimo Carnevale

    Why It’s Awesome: To be honest, this book could have had a pure crap cover and I would have bought it because it also features the names “Brian Wood” and “Becky Cloonan” on it.

    The fact that it has “Y the Last Man” cover artist Massimo Carnevale delivering what is one of the most absolutely gorgeous covers of the year is just gravy, but this cover…it’s beautiful. Every aspect of the cover, from the usage of white space (in the form of snow) to accentuate the soft image of the woman stuck under the ice and the harshness of the axe embedded in the ice to the small and not distracting title in the top left corner to the dream like character design…they all exist in concert with each other to create a haunting image that was easy to place at the top spot even with Fables celebrating issue #100 in style.

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