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    Multiversity’s Got You Covered: Week of 11/7/12

    By David Harper | November 9th, 2012
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    Another week, another set of fantastic covers. This week? We have another top heavy bunch, as three books really knock it out of the park with this week’s efforts. Find out what they are below.

    5. Uncanny X-Force #33
    Art by Jerome Opena

    I’m a big fan of this cover for two reasons: it reminds of when Jerome Opena was on UXF, and I just love the way that Nightcrawler is appearing out of nowhere. The former makes me a little sad, but it’s still great seeing Opena working on the book in some capacity. The latter, I just love because of the pure destruction he’s emitting as he bursts out of the darkness. It’s a well designed and fitting (given Nightcrawler’s power) cover, and it really draws the eye.

    4. Thought Bubble Anthology #2
    Continued below

    Art by Tran Nguyen

    The last Thought Bubble Anthology made this list too, and part of the reason is the really, really superb design on the page. The titling is excellent – I love the way Thought Bubble is written out – and the rest of the credits are excellently placed against the white space. Throw in the fantastic image created by Tran Nguyen that finds a bibliophile Red Riding Hood floating amidst the white space, and you have something that really pops. Even more so when you realize this deal is printed on effectively newspaper grade paper.

    3. Fairest #9
    Art by Adam Hughes

    Let’s call a spade a spade: this cover is sexy as all get out. The last cover was great, but this is even more of Adam Hughes doing what Adam Hughes does. I truly have no idea what is even happening here, but man, Hughes creates some really, really alluring imagery with two incredibly beautifully rendered women of fairy tales. I also love the Japanese inflections, with the Japanese style screen in the background and the kimono the one character is…wearing. It’s just intricately detailed, exquisitely designed. Beautiful, beautiful work, as per usual from Hughes.

    2. The Manhattan Projects #7
    Art by Jonathan Hickman

    Some may not be huge fans of Hickman’s covers for this book, but I think they are pitch perfect. They always perfectly lay out the tone of the book that will be inside the cover, and simply because they look like nothing else out there, they really stand out. I love this one, with the usage of The Manhattan Projects titling circle as a planetary shape for others to orbit around, and the way a path is clearly laid out on the page. It’s just incredibly well designed from someone people often forget is nearly gifted at art as he is at writing.

    1. Colder #1
    Art by Juan Ferreyra

    Yeah, this cover has gotten a lot of love around here. There’s a good reason why: Ferreyra’s art is just phenomenal, and this is truly an all-time, one of a kind image. It’s freaking intense, and it highlights just how great Ferreyra is. Plus, who doesn’t AT LEAST want to flip through this when you see it? It’s undoubtedly the cover of the week.

    That said, I wanted to note that my local shop in Anchorage, Alaska actually bagged it and covered up the cover because of its graphic nature. It’s very unfortunate, because it’s a key way to sell the book, but I guess I can understand it. It’s just a little rough because people should buy the book, because it’s excellent all around.

    David Harper

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