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    Soliciting Multiversity: The Best of the Rest for November 2019

    By | August 30th, 2019
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    Hello and welcome to Multiversity’s look at the “Best of the Rest,” where we try to summarize what’s coming your way this November 2019. We’ve already looked at DC, Marvel, Image, and manga offerings. Now let’s check out what else the Previews Catalogue has in store!

    Get your pull lists ready because November has a lot of great stuff slated to come out.

    10. Return to the Forest

    Cover by Windi Pini

    In comics, nothing ever ends, not really. Superhero readers have known this for years. I guess even creators can have difficulty letting something going — or moving away from something that pays the bills. Wendy and Richard Pini return here to their “ElfQuest” world for this spin-off story featuring Cutter. The Pinis are only contributing the script for this adventure, with Sonny Strait on art duties. “ElfQuest” in general is a lot of fun, if for nothing else than the half-naked hunky men running around.

    Elfquest: Stargazer’s Hunt #1
    Written by Wendi Pini & Richard Pini
    Illustrated by Sonny Strait
    Published by Dark Horse

    When ElfQuest: The Final Quest concluded, it ended the hero’s journey of Cutter Kinseeker, chief of the Wolfriders. But that was only the start of a new adventure for Cutter’s “brother in all but blood,” Skywise. Now the stargazer elf, who thought he knew everything about Cutter, discovers how mistaken he was. That, combined with a tragic accident involving his daughter Jink, sends Skywise on a quest of his own, from the elves’ ancestral Star Home through uncharted space, and back to the World of Two Moons.

    Stargazer’s Hunt has story by ElfQuest co-creators Wendy and Richard Pini, with script by Wendy Pini. Veteran Elfquest alumnus Sonny Strait returns at full force as the artist and colorist for the new series.

    9. Visitors

    Cover by Nathan Pyle

    Nathan Pyle maintains a narrow palette and simple line in this collection of alien strips. They’re filled with deadpan, ironic humor, pushed especially further because the characters are so literal. This sounds like one of those collections that exists to flip through rather than read outright.

    Strange Planet
    Written and Illustrated by Nathan Pyle
    Published by Morrow Gift

    In bright pinks, blues, greens, and purples, the inhabitants of Strange Planet are at once charming, strange, and recognizable. The game is human behaviors labeled in plain language and acted out by adorable aliens; on Strange Planet, we are invited to take a step back and celebrate our own previously unexamined practices of surprise parties, visits from the tooth fairy, and cleaning before having company. The labeling of common occurrences like sunburn as “Star Damage” and sweet dreams as “Imagine Pleasant Nonsense” has struck an immediate chord, with thousands of posts and tweets using these phrases in instant recognition.

    8. Take the Red Pill

    Cover by Kaare Andrews

    Initially I thought this was a collection of the comics and manga the Wachowskis remixed. Turns out it’s a collection of the comics produced 20 years ago for the first Matrix movie. The talent here is top-notch, however. And The Matrix‘s world is big enough to encompass so many different stories.

    The Matrix Comics
    Written by Lana Wachowski, Lily Wachowski, Neil Gaiman, Jim Krueger, Spencer Lamm
    Illustrated by Geof Darrow, Dave Gibbons, Ted McKeever, Bill Sienkiewicz, Michael Avon Oeming, Paul Chadwick, Troy Nixey, Tim Sale, Greg Ruth, David Lapham, John Van Fleet, Peter Bagge
    Published by Burlyman Entertainment

    To celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Matrix, we’re releasing the full original run of comics, and a great deal more, including stories and material never printed, in a single oversized deluxe hardcover edition. First released at the official Matrix website and written by top comic-book creators, including the Wachowskis themselves, this oversized volume has everything from the bestselling The Matrix Comics: Volume One and Two, plus more. Stories by Neil Gaiman, Dave Gibbons, Bill Sienkiewicz, Michael Oeming, and The Wachowskis.

    7. Zelda’s the Greatest Thing Out There

    Cover by Shotaro Ishinomori

    Link’s Awakening might be getting the remake treatment, but VIz Media is bringing back this out-of-print manga adaptation of the classic SNES video game. And now in full color! I have no idea if ishinomori brings the magic, spirit, and wonder of the game toward this adaptation but it’s Zelda, so it already has a leg up to start.

    Continued below

    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    Written and Illustrated by Shotaro Ishinomori
    Published by Viz Media

    A full-color graphic novel by manga legend Shotaro Ishinomori based on the classic video game The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. “The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past” is an adaptation of the beloved, internationally best-selling video game originally released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. This comic book version by Shotaro Ishinomori (“Cyborg 009,” “Kamen Rider”) was first serialized in Nintendo Power magazine and later collected into a graphic novel. Long out of print, this stunning, full-color graphic novel is now available once again!

    6. Underground Radio

    Cover by Royal Dunlap

    They say every utopia is someone else’s dystopia. The world of this new miniseries seems great, which could only mean there’s a dark undercurrant to the world. Rivera has made some fun comics perfectly in-tuned with the BOOM! brand. And Dunlap is undoubtedly on the path to some big things.

    B. B. Free #1
    Written by Gabby Rivera
    Illustrated by Royal Dunlap
    Published by BOOM! Studios

    * b.b. free broadcasts her underground radio show from her remote swamp community, and she has no idea she’s actually the chosen one.
    * It’s been over a hundred years since the Plague That Ate Greed wiped out half the population, and it’s the only world that b.b. has ever known. But when b.b. rebels against her overbearing father, she realizes that everything she believes in could be a lie.
    * On the run from her own family, b.b. will learn the truth about the world she lives in, and about the power she never knew she had.
    * Writer Gabby Rivera and debuting artist Royal Dunlap present an adventure for fans of Blackbird and “mysterious destiny” heroic fiction like Naomi about finding your family when the whole world is against you.

    5. The Lies of Lily the Thief

    Cover by Janne Kukkonen

    Shipping in from Finland comes this story about a young thief trying to make a name for herself. Aimed at kids, this is sure to have the highly energetic and vibrantly illustrated work we’ve come to expect out of First Second. Also, who doesn’t love a good yarn about those who live under the law?

    Lily the Thief
    Written and Illustrated by Janne Kukkonen
    Published by First Second

    In this middle grade fantasy adventure graphic novel, a young girl tries to make a name for herself in a secret and perilous society of thieves. Lily is a young novice who dreams of being a master thief. That’s not easy when Guildmaster of Thieves only assigns you the lowliest jobs: grave robbing and pick-pocketing. But on one of these meager quests Lily unearths a plot involving ancient kings and long-forgotten gods-a secret that could destroy the whole world. Lily the Thief is a smash hit in Finland, where it was honored in the comics category of the Finlandia prize, the country’s most prestigious literary award. It’s also being published in France and Germany, and an animation series is in early development. Available in softcover and hardcover.

    4. All the Witch Boys

    Cover by Molly Knox Ostertag

    Molly Ostertag brings her “Witch Boy” series to a close in this volume. She’s thrown a lot of narrative elements up into the air over the last two volumes, so let’s see how she manages to get them to come together. These books have been fun and engaging, charming and enduring. Judging from how everything else has turned out so far, I think Ostertag will be able to bring this to a satisfying close. For now.

    The Midwinter Witch
    Written and Illustrated by Molly Knox Ostertag
    Published by Graphix

    The acclaimed graphic novel world of The Witch Boy and The Hidden Witch comes to a thrilling conclusion in this story of friendship, family, and finding your true power.

    Magic has a dark side . . .

    Aster always looks forward to the Midwinter Festival, a reunion of the entire Vanissen family that includes competitions in witchery and shapeshifting. This year, he’s especially excited to compete in the annual Jolrun tournament-as a witch. He’s determined to show everyone that he’s proud of who he is and what he’s learned, but he knows it won’t be easy to defy tradition.

    Ariel has darker things on her mind than the Festival-like the mysterious witch who’s been visiting her dreams, claiming to know the truth about Ariel’s past. She appreciates everything the Vanissens have done for her. But Ariel still craves a place where she truly belongs.

    The Festival is a whirlwind of excitement and activity, but for Aster and Ariel, nothing goes according to plan. When a powerful and sinister force invades the reunion, threatening to destroy everything the young witches have fought for, can they find the courage to fight it together? Or will dark magic tear them apart?

    Continued below

    3. The Journey Nears Its End

    Our breaths are bated, our expectations are high. Yet Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker is still so far away. In the meantime, at least we have these adventures to fill in the blanks while we wait. Roanhoarse came to prominence with her novel, Trail of Lightning, and she seems to fit in well with the tone and timber of the latest Star Wars expanded universe.

    Star Wars: Resistance Reborn
    Written by Rebecca Roanhorse
    Published by Del Rey

    In this Journey to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker novel, Poe Dameron, General Leia Organa, Rey, and Finn must struggle to rebuild the Resistance after their defeat at the hands of the First Order in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

    2. Santa Can’t Come to the Phone Right Now

    Cover by Tommy Lee Edwards

    “The Umbrella Academy” expands in this Christmas special one-off. Not sure how it’ll play out without Moon and Ba’s work, which is so intrinsic to the material and so important to the world but Edwards is fine in his own right.

    Hazel & Cha Cha Save Christmas
    Written by Gerard Way & Scott Allie
    Illustrated by Tommy Lee Edwards
    Published by Dark Horse

    Hazel and Cha Cha-the bizarre assassins who first appear in Umbrella Academy: Dallas and blew audiences away in the Netflix series-track down a rogue time agent and cross paths with a plot to discredit Christmas!

    1. Into the Kindtverse

    Cover by Matt Smith

    Matt Kindt has been drawing an insane amount of talent to his scripts. For good reason, too, because the guy knows how to spin a serialized comic story. I’m getting “Ether” vibes from this, though with more of a fantastical bent than a science fiction one. I hope BOOM! lets it go on as long as it needs.

    Folklords #1
    Written by Matt Kindt
    Illustrated by Matt Smith
    Published by BOOM! Studios

    * From Narnia to Harry Potter, we’ve seen our hero leave the real world for a fantasy world-but in Ansel’s world of monsters and magic he’s haunted by visions of our world with tailored suits and modern technology!
    * Ansel embarks on his Quest to find the mysterious Folklords, hoping they can explain his visions…but looking for the Folklords is punishable by death. What will Ansel risk to find out about the world he has never truly belonged in?
    * Eisner Award-nominated writer Matt Kindt (Grass Kings, Black Badge) teams with acclaimed artist Matt Smith (Hellboy And The B.P.R.D.) challenge everything you know about the line between fantasy and reality in a new series for fans of Die, Middlewest and Fables.

    Well that was fun! Feel free to let us know what you’re excited for!

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