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    The Rundown: March 12, 2018

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    Welcome back to The Rundown, our daily breakdown on comic news stories we missed from the previous day. Have a link to share? Email our team at rundown@multiversitycomics.com.

    In case you missed it over the weekend, DC announced that actress Kristen Wiig will be playing the Cheetah in Wonder Woman 2; Line Webtoon released the first chapter of “Pacific Rim: Amara” (a prequel for Pacific Rim Uprising); Marvel editor Heather Antos is leaving the House of Ideas to become Editor-in-Chief at esports website Unikrn; comics retailer and writer Chuck Rozanski and painter has revealed that he and painter Thomas Haller Buchanan are working on a Harvey Milk graphic novel; the all-ages BOOM! Studios series “The Backstagers” will be expanded upon in a series of new prose novels by actor and first-time author Andy Mientus with illustrations by co-creator Rian Sygh; and “Giant Days” writer John Allison is partnering with artist Christine Larsen for a new paranormal comic called “By Night” at BOOM! Studios beginning in June.

    Cover by Erica Henderson

    – Artist Erica Henderson (“Jughead,” “Quantum and Woody”) announced via Twitter over the weekend that she is working on the end of her run as artist on Marvel’s “The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.” Fans of the series will be sad to see Henderson leave the all-ages comic book, which she began with writer Ryan North (“The Midas Touch,” “Adventure Time”) and colorist Rico Renzi (“Spider-Gwen,” “Loose Ends”) back in 2015. The move, according to Henderson, was prompted by a desire to pursue creator-owned projects. Henderson made sure to clarify that the series is not ending, that she will still be drawing covers for the series, and played coy as to what or when the new creator-owned series would be released.

    – Speaking of artists leaving books at Marvel: Chris Bachalo (“Uncanny X-Men,” “Death: The Time of Your Life”) will be replaced as the artist on “The Hunt for Wolverine” tie-in “Mystery in Mandipoor” by artist Thony Silas (“Venom,” “Batman Beyond 2.0”). The book, written by Jim Zub (“Avengers No Surrender,” “Wayward”) was among several to receive artist additions and changes from Marvel (and DC), including the addition of Sara Pichelli (“Ultimate Spider-Man,” “Guardians of the Galaxy”) to “Spider-Man” #240, which will bring to an end Brian Michael Bendis’s 18-year run on Spider-Man.

    – Continuing with the theme of departures, YouTuber Jason Inman has revealed that he will no longer be co-hosting the DC All Access video series covering the goings-on of DC’s many media ventures. Inman in a video on his YouTube channel explained that while he is still a fan of DC and the show, he was unable to continue co-hosting due to contractual issues concerning outside projects that he wished to pursue.

    – Off departures and on to arrivals, as Emma Roberts (We’re the Millers, American Horror Story) has been cast in the upcoming adaption of the Eisner and Harvey Award-winning graphic novel “Anya’s Ghost” by cartoonist Vera Brosgol (“Leave Me Alone!,” “Flight”). The graphic novel revolves around Anya, a young girl who rescues the century-old ghost of Emily (played by Roberts) from an underground cave, and the repercussions that come from the rescuing her ghost.

    – Bravo has plans for a limited series based on the graphic novel “The Fifth Beatle: The Brian Epstein Story.” The book by Tony Award-winning producer/writer Vivek J. Tiwary, and artists Andrew C. Robinson (“Dusty Star,” “Multiversity”) and Kyle Baker (“Bizarro World,” “Nat Turner”), told the tale of Brian Epstein, the man who discovered the Beatles in the Caravan Club in Liverpool, and how he dealt with the struggles and pitfalls associated with being the guiding force behind Beatlesmania, along with the trappings of being a gay Jewish man in England during the ’60s.

    – Author Alex De Campi (“Twisted Romance,” “Agent Boo”) outlined on her Patreon some recent setbacks that have happened over the winter, including the cancellation of the final issue of her Dark Horse series “Bankshot” (was being drawn by “Blood Syndicate” veteran Chris Cross). According to De Campi, Dark Horse canceled the collection along with issue #5 of “Bankshot” due to art delays; on Patreon she shared the script for the final issue of “Bankshot,” and a few of her upcoming projects. You can read more about her work and help support her endeavors here.

    Continued below

    – Colombian cartoonist César González aka ‘Matador’ is being sued due to a caricature depicting presidential candidate Ivan Duque. Attorney José Luis Reyes Villamizar filed the suit against Matador in an attempt to protect Duque’s right to a good name, freedom of conscience, and freedom to choose. Matador argues, however, that Villamizar is attempting to silence his rights to freedom of expression. It is worth noting that Villamizar is a member of Colombia’s Democratic Center party, whose party leader is under investigation aimed at his potential involvement in paramilitary massacres, and the party as a whole is still recovering from a series of scandals related to a misinformation campaign aimed at dismantling the peace talks between FARC rebels and the Colombian government.

    Boondocks fans rejoice! The cult comic strip turned cult TV show could be turned into a video game, according to creator Aaron McGruder. “The Boondocks,” for those uninitiated, was a politically satirical comic strip which was turned into a show of the same name about two brothers from the inner city moving to the ‘burbs with their grandpa, where they had whacky, often racially charged escapades in the style of Japanese anime. In a Facebook post via “The Boondocks” page, McGruder explained that while the show and the comic strip have run their course, the prospect of our new political circumstances here in the (heretofore) United States lend themselves to “The Boondocks,” and video games would be the perfect medium to continue the adventures of Huey, Riley and Robert Freeman in our topsy-turvy country.

    – Puerto Rico has had a rough time rebuilding after last year’s Hurricane Maria, with portions of the island still without power; however, Puerto Rico Comic Con will still be happening this May despite everything. The show’s organizers decided, only a month after the cleanup from Maria had begun, that “Puerto Rico needs this, our fans as well.” The convention will be held at the San Juan Puerto Rico Convention Center, which housed emergency control centers, local government agencies, FEMA, the U.S. Army, and many other disaster responses and relief agencies following last September’s natural disaster.

    – More information has finally surfaced concerning the current condition of comics’ generalissimo Stan Lee. According to reports, it would appear that Lee is currently in the midst of being isolated from lifelong friends, and conned out of large amounts of money by several shady Hollywood characters circling the icon in the twilight of his years. Months after the passing of Joan Lee, his wife of 70 years, it would seem that Lee and his family have been leaking money like a sieve, with checks gone missing, a fraudulent $300,000 “loan” to a shady business partner, and high priced assets being purchased in Stan’s name. This is to say nothing of the recent allegations of sexual misconduct by Stan Lee from several in-home nurses, along with his recent bought with pneumonia and the abrupt firing of longtime bodyguard Mac “Max” Anderson.

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